Commit d1eee0c0 authored by Yan, Zheng's avatar Yan, Zheng Committed by Ilya Dryomov
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ceph: encode ctime in cap message

Signed-off-by: default avatarYan, Zheng <>
parent b5d91704
......@@ -991,7 +991,7 @@ static int send_cap_msg(struct ceph_mds_session *session,
u32 seq, u64 flush_tid, u64 oldest_flush_tid,
u32 issue_seq, u32 mseq, u64 size, u64 max_size,
struct timespec *mtime, struct timespec *atime,
u64 time_warp_seq,
struct timespec *ctime, u64 time_warp_seq,
kuid_t uid, kgid_t gid, umode_t mode,
u64 xattr_version,
struct ceph_buffer *xattrs_buf,
......@@ -1042,6 +1042,8 @@ static int send_cap_msg(struct ceph_mds_session *session,
ceph_encode_timespec(&fc->mtime, mtime);
if (atime)
ceph_encode_timespec(&fc->atime, atime);
if (ctime)
ceph_encode_timespec(&fc->ctime, ctime);
fc->time_warp_seq = cpu_to_le32(time_warp_seq);
fc->uid = cpu_to_le32(from_kuid(&init_user_ns, uid));
......@@ -1116,7 +1118,7 @@ static int __send_cap(struct ceph_mds_client *mdsc, struct ceph_cap *cap,
int held, revoking, dropping, keep;
u64 seq, issue_seq, mseq, time_warp_seq, follows;
u64 size, max_size;
struct timespec mtime, atime;
struct timespec mtime, atime, ctime;
int wake = 0;
umode_t mode;
kuid_t uid;
......@@ -1180,6 +1182,7 @@ static int __send_cap(struct ceph_mds_client *mdsc, struct ceph_cap *cap,
ci->i_requested_max_size = max_size;
mtime = inode->i_mtime;
atime = inode->i_atime;
ctime = inode->i_ctime;
time_warp_seq = ci->i_time_warp_seq;
uid = inode->i_uid;
gid = inode->i_gid;
......@@ -1198,7 +1201,7 @@ static int __send_cap(struct ceph_mds_client *mdsc, struct ceph_cap *cap,
ret = send_cap_msg(session, ceph_vino(inode).ino, cap_id,
op, keep, want, flushing, seq,
flush_tid, oldest_flush_tid, issue_seq, mseq,
size, max_size, &mtime, &atime, time_warp_seq,
size, max_size, &mtime, &atime, &ctime, time_warp_seq,
uid, gid, mode, xattr_version, xattr_blob,
follows, inline_data);
if (ret < 0) {
......@@ -1320,7 +1323,7 @@ retry:
capsnap->dirty, 0, capsnap->flush_tid, 0,
0, mseq, capsnap->size, 0,
&capsnap->mtime, &capsnap->atime,
&capsnap->ctime, capsnap->time_warp_seq,
capsnap->uid, capsnap->gid, capsnap->mode,
capsnap->xattr_version, capsnap->xattr_blob,
capsnap->follows, capsnap->inline_data);
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