Commit d1e344e5 authored by Ralf Baechle's avatar Ralf Baechle
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Use hardware mechanism to deal with cache aliases in the 24K.

Signed-off-by: default avatarRalf Baechle <>
parent 28ecca47
......@@ -1011,9 +1011,17 @@ static void __init probe_pcache(void)
* normally they'd suffer from aliases but magic in the hardware deals
* with that for us so we don't need to take care ourselves.
if (c->cputype != CPU_R10000 && c->cputype != CPU_R12000)
switch (c->cputype) {
if (c->dcache.waysize > PAGE_SIZE)
c->dcache.flags |= MIPS_CACHE_ALIASES;
case CPU_R10000:
case CPU_R12000:
case CPU_24K:
if (!(read_c0_config7() & (1 << 16)))
c->dcache.flags |= MIPS_CACHE_ALIASES;
switch (c->cputype) {
case CPU_20KC:
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