Commit d0dd2de0 authored by Andriy Tkachuk's avatar Andriy Tkachuk Committed by John W. Linville
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mac80211: Account HT Control field in Data frame hdrlen according to 802.11n-2009

ieee80211_hdrlen() should account account new HT Control field in 802.11
data frame header introduced by IEEE 802.11n standard.

According to 802.11n-2009 HT Control field is present in data frames
when both of following are met:

   1. It is QoS data frame.
   2. Order bit is set in Frame Control field.

The change might be totally compatible with legacy non-11n aware frames,
because 802.11-2007 standard states that "all QoS STAs set this subfield
to 0".
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndriy V. Tkachuk <>
Acked-by : Benoit Papillault <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent ef15aac6
......@@ -138,6 +138,8 @@
#define IEEE80211_HT_CTL_LEN 4
struct ieee80211_hdr {
__le16 frame_control;
__le16 duration_id;
......@@ -227,8 +227,11 @@ unsigned int ieee80211_hdrlen(__le16 fc)
if (ieee80211_is_data(fc)) {
if (ieee80211_has_a4(fc))
hdrlen = 30;
if (ieee80211_is_data_qos(fc))
if (ieee80211_is_data_qos(fc)) {
hdrlen += IEEE80211_QOS_CTL_LEN;
if (ieee80211_has_order(fc))
hdrlen += IEEE80211_HT_CTL_LEN;
goto out;
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