Commit cf8a056a authored by Anton Blanchard's avatar Anton Blanchard Committed by Benjamin Herrenschmidt
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powerpc: Clean up lppaca->cede_latency_hint

We have a union containing fields from the old iseries hypervisor
that has been reused for the cede latency hint. Since we no
longer support iseries, remove the union completely.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAnton Blanchard <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBenjamin Herrenschmidt <>
parent fd6c40f3
......@@ -107,19 +107,9 @@ struct lppaca {
// pass the target SRR0/1 from SLIC to PLIC on a SetAsrAndRfid.
u64 saved_srr0; // Saved SRR0 x10-x17
u64 saved_srr1; // Saved SRR1 x18-x1F
// Used to pass parms from the OS to PLIC for SetAsrAndRfid
u64 saved_gpr3; // Saved GPR3 x20-x27
u64 saved_gpr4; // Saved GPR4 x28-x2F
union {
u64 saved_gpr5; /* Saved GPR5 x30-x37 */
struct {
u8 cede_latency_hint; /* x30 */
u8 reserved[7]; /* x31-x36 */
} fields;
} gpr5_dword;
u64 reserved5[2]; /* x20-x2F */
u8 cede_latency_hint; /* x30 */
u8 reserved[7]; /* x31-x37 */
u8 dtl_enable_mask; // Dispatch Trace Log mask x38-x38
u8 donate_dedicated_cpu; // Donate dedicated CPU cycles x39-x39
u8 fpregs_in_use; // FP regs in use x3A-x3A
......@@ -22,12 +22,12 @@ static inline long poll_pending(void)
static inline u8 get_cede_latency_hint(void)
return get_lppaca()->gpr5_dword.fields.cede_latency_hint;
return get_lppaca()->cede_latency_hint;
static inline void set_cede_latency_hint(u8 latency_hint)
get_lppaca()->gpr5_dword.fields.cede_latency_hint = latency_hint;
get_lppaca()->cede_latency_hint = latency_hint;
static inline long cede_processor(void)
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