Commit cf88c790 authored by Tejun Heo's avatar Tejun Heo

vmalloc: separate out insert_vmalloc_vm()

Separate out insert_vmalloc_vm() from __get_vm_area_node().
insert_vmalloc_vm() initializes vm_struct from vmap_area and inserts
it into vmlist.  insert_vmalloc_vm() only initializes fields which can
be determined from @vm, @flags and @caller The rest should be
initialized by the caller.  For __get_vm_area_node(), all other fields
just need to be cleared and this is done by using kzalloc instead of

This will be used to implement pcpu_get_vm_areas().
Signed-off-by: default avatarTejun Heo <>
Cc: Nick Piggin <>
parent bba174f5
......@@ -1122,13 +1122,34 @@ EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(map_vm_area);
struct vm_struct *vmlist;
static void insert_vmalloc_vm(struct vm_struct *vm, struct vmap_area *va,
unsigned long flags, void *caller)
struct vm_struct *tmp, **p;
vm->flags = flags;
vm->addr = (void *)va->va_start;
vm->size = va->va_end - va->va_start;
vm->caller = caller;
va->private = vm;
va->flags |= VM_VM_AREA;
for (p = &vmlist; (tmp = *p) != NULL; p = &tmp->next) {
if (tmp->addr >= vm->addr)
vm->next = *p;
*p = vm;
static struct vm_struct *__get_vm_area_node(unsigned long size,
unsigned long flags, unsigned long start, unsigned long end,
int node, gfp_t gfp_mask, void *caller)
static struct vmap_area *va;
struct vm_struct *area;
struct vm_struct *tmp, **p;
unsigned long align = 1;
......@@ -1147,7 +1168,7 @@ static struct vm_struct *__get_vm_area_node(unsigned long size,
if (unlikely(!size))
return NULL;
area = kmalloc_node(sizeof(*area), gfp_mask & GFP_RECLAIM_MASK, node);
area = kzalloc_node(sizeof(*area), gfp_mask & GFP_RECLAIM_MASK, node);
if (unlikely(!area))
return NULL;
......@@ -1162,25 +1183,7 @@ static struct vm_struct *__get_vm_area_node(unsigned long size,
return NULL;
area->flags = flags;
area->addr = (void *)va->va_start;
area->size = size;
area->pages = NULL;
area->nr_pages = 0;
area->phys_addr = 0;
area->caller = caller;
va->private = area;
va->flags |= VM_VM_AREA;
for (p = &vmlist; (tmp = *p) != NULL; p = &tmp->next) {
if (tmp->addr >= area->addr)
area->next = *p;
*p = area;
insert_vmalloc_vm(area, va, flags, caller);
return area;
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