Commit caeff81b authored by Hong Liu's avatar Hong Liu Committed by James Ketrenos

Fixes the ad-hoc network WEP key list issue.

If we configure the wep keys after creating the ibss network, the
beacons of this network will not show correctly (it still shows "key
off" in iwlist scan report). This is because we don't update the
beacon info in firmware.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHong Liu <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarZhu Yi <>
parent 1fbfea54
...@@ -9169,11 +9169,19 @@ static int ipw_wx_set_encode(struct net_device *dev, ...@@ -9169,11 +9169,19 @@ static int ipw_wx_set_encode(struct net_device *dev,
{ {
struct ipw_priv *priv = ieee80211_priv(dev); struct ipw_priv *priv = ieee80211_priv(dev);
int ret; int ret;
u32 cap = priv->capability;
down(&priv->sem); down(&priv->sem);
ret = ieee80211_wx_set_encode(priv->ieee, info, wrqu, key); ret = ieee80211_wx_set_encode(priv->ieee, info, wrqu, key);
/* In IBSS mode, we need to notify the firmware to update
* the beacon info after we changed the capability. */
if (cap != priv->capability &&
priv->ieee->iw_mode == IW_MODE_ADHOC &&
priv->status & STATUS_ASSOCIATED)
return ret; return ret;
} }
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