Commit cab5901e authored by Ville Syrjala's avatar Ville Syrjala Committed by Linus Torvalds
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[PATCH] atyfb: Remove aty_cmap_regs

Remove aty_cmap_regs. Access the LUT in the same way as other registers.
Signed-off-by: default avatarVille Syrjala <>
Cc: "Antonino A. Daplas" <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Morton <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent 5850e0cf
......@@ -126,7 +126,6 @@ union aty_pll {
struct atyfb_par {
struct aty_cmap_regs __iomem *aty_cmap_regs;
struct { u8 red, green, blue; } palette[256];
const struct aty_dac_ops *dac_ops;
const struct aty_pll_ops *pll_ops;
......@@ -203,14 +203,6 @@ static void ATIReduceRatio(int *Numerator, int *Denominator)
* The Hardware parameters for each card
struct aty_cmap_regs {
u8 windex;
u8 lut;
u8 mask;
u8 rindex;
u8 cntl;
struct pci_mmap_map {
unsigned long voff;
unsigned long poff;
......@@ -1937,17 +1929,14 @@ static void atyfb_save_palette(struct atyfb_par *par, int enter)
aty_st_8(DAC_CNTL, tmp, par);
aty_st_8(DAC_MASK, 0xff, par);
writeb(i, &par->aty_cmap_regs->rindex);
atyfb_save.r[enter][i] = readb(&par->aty_cmap_regs->lut);
atyfb_save.g[enter][i] = readb(&par->aty_cmap_regs->lut);
atyfb_save.b[enter][i] = readb(&par->aty_cmap_regs->lut);
writeb(i, &par->aty_cmap_regs->windex);
writeb(atyfb_save.r[1 - enter][i],
writeb(atyfb_save.g[1 - enter][i],
writeb(atyfb_save.b[1 - enter][i],
aty_st_8(DAC_R_INDEX, i, par);
atyfb_save.r[enter][i] = aty_ld_8(DAC_DATA, par);
atyfb_save.g[enter][i] = aty_ld_8(DAC_DATA, par);
atyfb_save.b[enter][i] = aty_ld_8(DAC_DATA, par);
aty_st_8(DAC_W_INDEX, i, par);
aty_st_8(DAC_DATA, atyfb_save.r[1 - enter][i], par);
aty_st_8(DAC_DATA, atyfb_save.g[1 - enter][i], par);
aty_st_8(DAC_DATA, atyfb_save.b[1 - enter][i], par);
......@@ -2355,9 +2344,6 @@ static int __devinit aty_init(struct fb_info *info)
par->aty_cmap_regs =
(struct aty_cmap_regs __iomem *) (par->ati_regbase + 0xc0);
/* The Apple iBook1 uses non-standard memory frequencies. We detect it
* and set the frequency manually. */
......@@ -2862,17 +2848,10 @@ static int atyfb_blank(int blank, struct fb_info *info)
static void aty_st_pal(u_int regno, u_int red, u_int green, u_int blue,
const struct atyfb_par *par)
out_8(&par->aty_cmap_regs->windex, regno);
out_8(&par->aty_cmap_regs->lut, red);
out_8(&par->aty_cmap_regs->lut, green);
out_8(&par->aty_cmap_regs->lut, blue);
writeb(regno, &par->aty_cmap_regs->windex);
writeb(red, &par->aty_cmap_regs->lut);
writeb(green, &par->aty_cmap_regs->lut);
writeb(blue, &par->aty_cmap_regs->lut);
aty_st_8(DAC_W_INDEX, regno, par);
aty_st_8(DAC_DATA, red, par);
aty_st_8(DAC_DATA, green, par);
aty_st_8(DAC_DATA, blue, par);
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