Commit caa98c41 authored by Dave Airlie's avatar Dave Airlie
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drm: fixup r300 scratch on BE machines

This fixes the r300 scratch stuff to work on PPC,
from Ben Herrenschmidt on IRC.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDave Airlie <>
parent 8bbde0e6
......@@ -723,7 +723,7 @@ static int r300_scratch(drm_radeon_private_t *dev_priv,
ref_age_base = *(u32 **)cmdbuf->buf;
ref_age_base = (u32 *)(unsigned long)*((uint64_t *)cmdbuf->buf);
cmdbuf->buf += sizeof(u64);
cmdbuf->bufsz -= sizeof(u64);
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