Commit c3c18bc1 authored by Sathya Perla's avatar Sathya Perla Committed by David S. Miller
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be2net: shorten AMAP_GET/SET_BITS() macro calls

The AMAP_GET/SET_BITS() macro calls take structure name as a parameter
and hence are long and span more than one line. Replace these calls
with a wrapper macros for RX/Tx compls and TX wrb. This results in fewer
lines and more readable code in be_main.c
Signed-off-by: default avatarSathya Perla <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent acbafeb1
......@@ -661,6 +661,18 @@ static inline u32 amap_get(void *ptr, u32 dw_offset, u32 mask, u32 offset)
amap_mask(sizeof(((_struct *)0)->field)), \
AMAP_BIT_OFFSET(_struct, field))
#define GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(field, ptr) \
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, field, ptr)
#define GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(field, ptr) \
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, field, ptr)
#define GET_TX_COMPL_BITS(field, ptr) \
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_tx_compl, field, ptr)
#define SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(field, ptr, val) \
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, field, ptr, val)
#define be_dws_cpu_to_le(wrb, len) swap_dws(wrb, len)
#define be_dws_le_to_cpu(wrb, len) swap_dws(wrb, len)
static inline void swap_dws(void *wrb, int len)
......@@ -738,38 +738,37 @@ static void wrb_fill_hdr(struct be_adapter *adapter, struct be_eth_hdr_wrb *hdr,
memset(hdr, 0, sizeof(*hdr));
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, crc, hdr, 1);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(crc, hdr, 1);
if (skb_is_gso(skb)) {
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, lso, hdr, 1);
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, lso_mss,
hdr, skb_shinfo(skb)->gso_size);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(lso, hdr, 1);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(lso_mss, hdr, skb_shinfo(skb)->gso_size);
if (skb_is_gso_v6(skb) && !lancer_chip(adapter))
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, lso6, hdr, 1);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(lso6, hdr, 1);
} else if (skb->ip_summed == CHECKSUM_PARTIAL) {
if (skb->encapsulation) {
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, ipcs, hdr, 1);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(ipcs, hdr, 1);
proto = skb_inner_ip_proto(skb);
} else {
proto = skb_ip_proto(skb);
if (proto == IPPROTO_TCP)
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, tcpcs, hdr, 1);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(tcpcs, hdr, 1);
else if (proto == IPPROTO_UDP)
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, udpcs, hdr, 1);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(udpcs, hdr, 1);
if (vlan_tx_tag_present(skb)) {
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, vlan, hdr, 1);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(vlan, hdr, 1);
vlan_tag = be_get_tx_vlan_tag(adapter, skb);
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, vlan_tag, hdr, vlan_tag);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(vlan_tag, hdr, vlan_tag);
/* To skip HW VLAN tagging: evt = 1, compl = 0 */
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, complete, hdr, !skip_hw_vlan);
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, event, hdr, 1);
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, num_wrb, hdr, wrb_cnt);
AMAP_SET_BITS(struct amap_eth_hdr_wrb, len, hdr, len);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(complete, hdr, !skip_hw_vlan);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(event, hdr, 1);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(num_wrb, hdr, wrb_cnt);
SET_TX_WRB_HDR_BITS(len, hdr, len);
static void unmap_tx_frag(struct device *dev, struct be_eth_wrb *wrb,
......@@ -1753,65 +1752,46 @@ static void be_rx_compl_process_gro(struct be_rx_obj *rxo,
static void be_parse_rx_compl_v1(struct be_eth_rx_compl *compl,
struct be_rx_compl_info *rxcp)
rxcp->pkt_size =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, pktsize, compl);
rxcp->vlanf = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, vtp, compl);
rxcp->err = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, err, compl);
rxcp->tcpf = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, tcpf, compl);
rxcp->udpf = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, udpf, compl);
rxcp->ip_csum =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, ipcksm, compl);
rxcp->l4_csum =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, l4_cksm, compl);
rxcp->ipv6 =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, ip_version, compl);
rxcp->num_rcvd =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, numfrags, compl);
rxcp->pkt_type =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, cast_enc, compl);
rxcp->rss_hash =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, rsshash, compl);
rxcp->pkt_size = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(pktsize, compl);
rxcp->vlanf = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(vtp, compl);
rxcp->err = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(err, compl);
rxcp->tcpf = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(tcpf, compl);
rxcp->udpf = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(udpf, compl);
rxcp->ip_csum = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(ipcksm, compl);
rxcp->l4_csum = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(l4_cksm, compl);
rxcp->ipv6 = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(ip_version, compl);
rxcp->num_rcvd = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(numfrags, compl);
rxcp->pkt_type = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(cast_enc, compl);
rxcp->rss_hash = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(rsshash, compl);
if (rxcp->vlanf) {
rxcp->qnq = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, qnq,
rxcp->vlan_tag = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1,
vlan_tag, compl);
rxcp->qnq = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(qnq, compl);
rxcp->vlan_tag = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(vlan_tag, compl);
rxcp->port = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, port, compl);
rxcp->port = GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(port, compl);
rxcp->tunneled =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v1, tunneled, compl);
GET_RX_COMPL_V1_BITS(tunneled, compl);
static void be_parse_rx_compl_v0(struct be_eth_rx_compl *compl,
struct be_rx_compl_info *rxcp)
rxcp->pkt_size =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, pktsize, compl);
rxcp->vlanf = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, vtp, compl);
rxcp->err = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, err, compl);
rxcp->tcpf = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, tcpf, compl);
rxcp->udpf = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, udpf, compl);
rxcp->ip_csum =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, ipcksm, compl);
rxcp->l4_csum =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, l4_cksm, compl);
rxcp->ipv6 =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, ip_version, compl);
rxcp->num_rcvd =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, numfrags, compl);
rxcp->pkt_type =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, cast_enc, compl);
rxcp->rss_hash =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, rsshash, compl);
rxcp->pkt_size = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(pktsize, compl);
rxcp->vlanf = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(vtp, compl);
rxcp->err = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(err, compl);
rxcp->tcpf = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(tcpf, compl);
rxcp->udpf = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(udpf, compl);
rxcp->ip_csum = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(ipcksm, compl);
rxcp->l4_csum = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(l4_cksm, compl);
rxcp->ipv6 = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(ip_version, compl);
rxcp->num_rcvd = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(numfrags, compl);
rxcp->pkt_type = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(cast_enc, compl);
rxcp->rss_hash = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(rsshash, compl);
if (rxcp->vlanf) {
rxcp->qnq = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, qnq,
rxcp->vlan_tag = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0,
vlan_tag, compl);
rxcp->qnq = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(qnq, compl);
rxcp->vlan_tag = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(vlan_tag, compl);
rxcp->port = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0, port, compl);
rxcp->ip_frag = AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_rx_compl_v0,
ip_frag, compl);
rxcp->port = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(port, compl);
rxcp->ip_frag = GET_RX_COMPL_V0_BITS(ip_frag, compl);
static struct be_rx_compl_info *be_rx_compl_get(struct be_rx_obj *rxo)
......@@ -2091,9 +2071,7 @@ static void be_tx_compl_clean(struct be_adapter *adapter)
num_wrbs = 0;
txq = &txo->q;
while ((txcp = be_tx_compl_get(&txo->cq))) {
end_idx =
AMAP_GET_BITS(struct amap_eth_tx_compl,
wrb_index, txcp);
end_idx = GET_TX_COMPL_BITS(wrb_index, txcp);
num_wrbs += be_tx_compl_process(adapter, txo,
......@@ -2454,9 +2432,8 @@ static bool be_process_tx(struct be_adapter *adapter, struct be_tx_obj *txo,
if (!txcp)
num_wrbs += be_tx_compl_process(adapter, txo,
wrb_index, txcp));
if (work_done) {
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