Commit c2a128d2 authored by Josef Bacik's avatar Josef Bacik Committed by Chris Mason
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Btrfs: cache extent state in find_delalloc_range

This patch makes us cache the extent state we find in find_delalloc_range since
we'll have to lock the extent later on in the function.  This will keep us from
re-searching for the rang when we try to lock the extent.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJosef Bacik <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Mason <>
parent 49958fd7
......@@ -1171,7 +1171,8 @@ out:
* 1 is returned if we find something, 0 if nothing was in the tree
static noinline u64 find_delalloc_range(struct extent_io_tree *tree,
u64 *start, u64 *end, u64 max_bytes)
u64 *start, u64 *end, u64 max_bytes,
struct extent_state **cached_state)
struct rb_node *node;
struct extent_state *state;
......@@ -1203,8 +1204,11 @@ static noinline u64 find_delalloc_range(struct extent_io_tree *tree,
*end = state->end;
goto out;
if (!found)
if (!found) {
*start = state->start;
*cached_state = state;
*end = state->end;
cur_start = state->end + 1;
......@@ -1336,10 +1340,11 @@ again:
delalloc_start = *start;
delalloc_end = 0;
found = find_delalloc_range(tree, &delalloc_start, &delalloc_end,
max_bytes, &cached_state);
if (!found || delalloc_end <= *start) {
*start = delalloc_start;
*end = delalloc_end;
return found;
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