Commit bfbd4b6c authored by Vikram Narayanan's avatar Vikram Narayanan

mm/privpool: Integrate the multipage hack

We do multiple buddy allocations to see if the returned regions are contiguous
and use those one single block.  Make changes in the init routine for
accommodating it.
Signed-off-by: Vikram Narayanan's avatarVikram Narayanan <>
parent 306f3e4c
......@@ -40,24 +40,32 @@ struct atom {
typedef struct {
struct object __percpu **head;
struct object __percpu **marker;
#ifdef PBUF
char __percpu **buf;
char __percpu **bufend;
int __percpu *cached;
unsigned int obj_size;
unsigned int total_pages;
unsigned int num_objs_percpu;
unsigned int total_objs;
unsigned int num_cpus;
void *pool;
void *gpool;
struct atom stack;
unsigned int pool_order;
spinlock_t pool_spin_lock;
bool dump_once;
} priv_pool_t;
void *priv_alloc(pool_type_t type);
void priv_free(void *p, pool_type_t type);
priv_pool_t *priv_pool_init(pool_type_t type, unsigned int num_objs, unsigned int obj_size);
//priv_pool_t *priv_pool_init(pool_type_t type, unsigned int num_objs, unsigned int obj_size);
priv_pool_t *priv_pool_init(pool_type_t type, void *pool_base,
size_t pool_size,
unsigned int obj_size);
void priv_pool_destroy(priv_pool_t *p);
#endif /* PRIV_MEMPOOL_H */
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