Commit bdab23da authored by Andrew Vasquez's avatar Andrew Vasquez Committed by James Bottomley
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[SCSI] qla2xxx: Display additional mailbox registers during AEN handling.

The mailbox register values may assist in debugging efforts.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Vasquez <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGiridhar Malavali <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Bottomley <>
parent 3420d36c
......@@ -313,10 +313,11 @@ qla2x00_async_event(scsi_qla_host_t *vha, struct rsp_que *rsp, uint16_t *mb)
static char *link_speeds[] = { "1", "2", "?", "4", "8", "10" };
char *link_speed;
uint16_t handle_cnt;
uint16_t cnt;
uint16_t cnt, mbx;
uint32_t handles[5];
struct qla_hw_data *ha = vha->hw;
struct device_reg_2xxx __iomem *reg = &ha->iobase->isp;
struct device_reg_24xx __iomem *reg24 = &ha->iobase->isp24;
uint32_t rscn_entry, host_pid;
uint8_t rscn_queue_index;
unsigned long flags;
......@@ -395,9 +396,10 @@ skip_rio:
case MBA_SYSTEM_ERR: /* System Error */
mbx = IS_QLA81XX(ha) ? RD_REG_WORD(&reg24->mailbox7) : 0;
qla_printk(KERN_INFO, ha,
"ISP System Error - mbx1=%xh mbx2=%xh mbx3=%xh.\n",
mb[1], mb[2], mb[3]);
"ISP System Error - mbx1=%xh mbx2=%xh mbx3=%xh "
"mbx7=%xh.\n", mb[1], mb[2], mb[3], mbx);
ha->isp_ops->fw_dump(vha, 1);
......@@ -419,9 +421,10 @@ skip_rio:
case MBA_REQ_TRANSFER_ERR: /* Request Transfer Error */
DEBUG2(printk("scsi(%ld): ISP Request Transfer Error.\n",
qla_printk(KERN_WARNING, ha, "ISP Request Transfer Error.\n");
DEBUG2(printk("scsi(%ld): ISP Request Transfer Error (%x).\n",
vha->host_no, mb[1]));
qla_printk(KERN_WARNING, ha,
"ISP Request Transfer Error (%x).\n", mb[1]);
set_bit(ISP_ABORT_NEEDED, &vha->dpc_flags);
......@@ -485,10 +488,13 @@ skip_rio:
case MBA_LOOP_DOWN: /* Loop Down Event */
mbx = IS_QLA81XX(ha) ? RD_REG_WORD(&reg24->mailbox4) : 0;
DEBUG2(printk("scsi(%ld): Asynchronous LOOP DOWN "
"(%x %x %x).\n", vha->host_no, mb[1], mb[2], mb[3]));
qla_printk(KERN_INFO, ha, "LOOP DOWN detected (%x %x %x).\n",
mb[1], mb[2], mb[3]);
"(%x %x %x %x).\n", vha->host_no, mb[1], mb[2], mb[3],
qla_printk(KERN_INFO, ha,
"LOOP DOWN detected (%x %x %x %x).\n", mb[1], mb[2], mb[3],
if (atomic_read(&vha->loop_state) != LOOP_DOWN) {
atomic_set(&vha->loop_state, LOOP_DOWN);
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