Commit bce34d14 authored by Will Deacon's avatar Will Deacon

ARM: perf: initialise used_mask for fake PMU during validation

When validating an event group, we call pmu->get_event_idx for each
group member in order to check that the group can be scheduled as a
unit on an empty PMU.

As a result of 3fc2c830 ("ARM: perf: remove event limit from
pmu_hw_events"), the used_mask member of struct cpu_hw_events must be
setup explicitly, something which we don't do for the fake cpu_hw_events
used for validation.

This patch sets up an empty used_mask for the fake validation
cpu_hw_events, preventing NULL deferences when trying to get the event
Reported-by: default avatarPawel Moll <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarWill Deacon <>
parent 14e25c5e
......@@ -343,8 +343,14 @@ validate_group(struct perf_event *event)
struct perf_event *sibling, *leader = event->group_leader;
struct pmu_hw_events fake_pmu;
memset(&fake_pmu, 0, sizeof(fake_pmu));
* Initialise the fake PMU. We only need to populate the
* used_mask for the purposes of validation.
memset(fake_used_mask, 0, sizeof(fake_used_mask));
fake_pmu.used_mask = fake_used_mask;
if (!validate_event(&fake_pmu, leader))
return -ENOSPC;
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