Commit bc68580d authored by Vasiliy Kulikov's avatar Vasiliy Kulikov Committed by David S. Miller
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s390: use free_netdev(netdev) instead of kfree()

Freeing netdev without free_netdev() leads to net, tx leaks.
I might lead to dereferencing freed pointer.

The semantic match that finds this problem is as follows:


struct net_device* dev;

Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 8d879de8
......@@ -1154,7 +1154,7 @@ static struct net_device *ctcm_init_netdevice(struct ctcm_priv *priv)
dev_fsm, dev_fsm_len, GFP_KERNEL);
if (priv->fsm == NULL) {
CTCMY_DBF_DEV(SETUP, dev, "init_fsm error");
return NULL;
fsm_newstate(priv->fsm, DEV_STATE_STOPPED);
......@@ -1165,7 +1165,7 @@ static struct net_device *ctcm_init_netdevice(struct ctcm_priv *priv)
grp = ctcmpc_init_mpc_group(priv);
if (grp == NULL) {
MPC_DBF_DEV(SETUP, dev, "init_mpc_group error");
return NULL;
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