Commit bc10f967 authored by Tilman Schmidt's avatar Tilman Schmidt Committed by David S. Miller

isdn: avoid calling tty_ldisc_flush() in atomic context

Remove the call to tty_ldisc_flush() from the RESULT_NO_CARRIER
branch of isdn_tty_modem_result(), as already proposed in commit
This avoids a "sleeping function called from invalid context" BUG
when the hardware driver calls the statcallb() callback with
command==ISDN_STAT_DHUP in atomic context, which in turn calls
isdn_tty_modem_result(RESULT_NO_CARRIER, ~), and from there,
tty_ldisc_flush() which may sleep.
Signed-off-by: default avatarTilman Schmidt <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 831334cb
......@@ -2636,12 +2636,6 @@ isdn_tty_modem_result(int code, modem_info * info)
if ((info->flags & ISDN_ASYNC_CLOSING) || (!info->tty)) {
if ( !info->vonline )
if ((info->flags & ISDN_ASYNC_CHECK_CD) &&
(!((info->flags & ISDN_ASYNC_CALLOUT_ACTIVE) &&
(info->flags & ISDN_ASYNC_CALLOUT_NOHUP)))) {
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