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Commit bb512ad0 authored by Johannes Berg's avatar Johannes Berg

Revert "mac80211: disable uAPSD if all ACs are under ACM"

This reverts commit 24aa11ab.

That commit was wrong since it uses data that hasn't even been set
up yet, but might be a hold-over from a previous connection.

Additionally, it seems like a driver-specific workaround that
shouldn't have been in mac80211 to start with.

Fixes: 24aa11ab ("mac80211: disable uAPSD if all ACs are under ACM")
Reviewed-by: default avatarLuciano Coelho <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohannes Berg <>
parent a5fe8e76
......@@ -4376,8 +4376,7 @@ int ieee80211_mgd_assoc(struct ieee80211_sub_if_data *sdata,
if (bss->wmm_used && bss->uapsd_supported &&
(sdata->local->hw.flags & IEEE80211_HW_SUPPORTS_UAPSD) &&
sdata->wmm_acm != 0xff) {
(sdata->local->hw.flags & IEEE80211_HW_SUPPORTS_UAPSD)) {
assoc_data->uapsd = true;
ifmgd->flags |= IEEE80211_STA_UAPSD_ENABLED;
} else {
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