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Commit b8f1a75d authored by Yang Shi's avatar Yang Shi Committed by Linus Torvalds

mm: call page_ext_init() after all struct pages are initialized

When DEFERRED_STRUCT_PAGE_INIT is enabled, just a subset of memmap at
boot are initialized, then the rest are initialized in parallel by
starting one-off "pgdatinitX" kernel thread for each node X.

If page_ext_init is called before it, some pages will not have valid
extension, this may lead the below kernel oops when booting up kernel:

  BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at           (null)
  IP: [<ffffffff8118d982>] free_pcppages_bulk+0x2d2/0x8d0
  PGD 0
  Modules linked in:
  CPU: 11 PID: 106 Comm: pgdatinit1 Not tainted 4.6.0-rc5-next-20160427 #26
  Hardware name: Intel Corporation S5520HC/S5520HC, BIOS S5500.86B.01.10.0025.030220091519 03/02/2009
  task: ffff88017c080040 ti: ffff88017c084000 task.ti: ffff88017c084000
  RIP: 0010:[<ffffffff8118d982>]  [<ffffffff8118d982>] free_pcppages_bulk+0x2d2/0x8d0
  RSP: 0000:ffff88017c087c48  EFLAGS: 00010046
  RAX: 0000000000000000 RBX: 0000000000000000 RCX: 0000000000000001
  RDX: 0000000000000980 RSI: 0000000000000080 RDI: 0000000000660401
  RBP: ffff88017c087cd0 R08: 0000000000000401 R09: 0000000000000009
  R10: ffff88017c080040 R11: 000000000000000a R12: 0000000000000400
  R13: ffffea0019810000 R14: ffffea0019810040 R15: ffff88066cfe6080
  FS:  0000000000000000(0000) GS:ffff88066cd40000(0000) knlGS:0000000000000000
  CS:  0010 DS: 0000 ES: 0000 CR0: 0000000080050033
  CR2: 0000000000000000 CR3: 0000000002406000 CR4: 00000000000006e0
  Call Trace:
  Code: 49 89 d4 48 c1 e0 06 49 01 c5 e9 de fe ff ff 4c 89 f7 44 89 4d b8 4c 89 45 c0 44 89 5d c8 48 89 4d d0 e8 62 c7 07 00 48 8b 4d d0 <48> 8b 00 44 8b 5d c8 4c 8b 45 c0 44 8b 4d b8 a8 02 0f 84 05 ff
  RIP  [<ffffffff8118d982>] free_pcppages_bulk+0x2d2/0x8d0
   RSP <ffff88017c087c48>
  CR2: 0000000000000000

Move page_ext_init() after page_alloc_init_late() to make sure page extension
is setup for all pages.

Link: default avatarYang Shi <>
Cc: Joonsoo Kim <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Morton <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent dfef2ef4
......@@ -606,7 +606,6 @@ asmlinkage __visible void __init start_kernel(void)
initrd_start = 0;
......@@ -1004,6 +1003,8 @@ static noinline void __init kernel_init_freeable(void)
/* Initialize page ext after all struct pages are initializaed */
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