Commit b6e203d8 authored by Ralf Baechle's avatar Ralf Baechle
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Use generic compat_sys_wait4 to implement 32-bit wait4(2).

Signed-off-by: default avatarRalf Baechle <>
parent a4f23e3d
......@@ -215,81 +215,10 @@ sys32_readdir(unsigned int fd, void * dirent32, unsigned int count)
struct rusage32 {
struct compat_timeval ru_utime;
struct compat_timeval ru_stime;
int ru_maxrss;
int ru_ixrss;
int ru_idrss;
int ru_isrss;
int ru_minflt;
int ru_majflt;
int ru_nswap;
int ru_inblock;
int ru_oublock;
int ru_msgsnd;
int ru_msgrcv;
int ru_nsignals;
int ru_nvcsw;
int ru_nivcsw;
static int
put_rusage (struct rusage32 *ru, struct rusage *r)
int err;
if (!access_ok(VERIFY_WRITE, ru, sizeof *ru))
return -EFAULT;
err = __put_user (r->ru_utime.tv_sec, &ru->ru_utime.tv_sec);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_utime.tv_usec, &ru->ru_utime.tv_usec);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_stime.tv_sec, &ru->ru_stime.tv_sec);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_stime.tv_usec, &ru->ru_stime.tv_usec);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_maxrss, &ru->ru_maxrss);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_ixrss, &ru->ru_ixrss);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_idrss, &ru->ru_idrss);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_isrss, &ru->ru_isrss);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_minflt, &ru->ru_minflt);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_majflt, &ru->ru_majflt);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_nswap, &ru->ru_nswap);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_inblock, &ru->ru_inblock);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_oublock, &ru->ru_oublock);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_msgsnd, &ru->ru_msgsnd);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_msgrcv, &ru->ru_msgrcv);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_nsignals, &ru->ru_nsignals);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_nvcsw, &ru->ru_nvcsw);
err |= __put_user (r->ru_nivcsw, &ru->ru_nivcsw);
return err;
asmlinkage int
sys32_wait4(compat_pid_t pid, unsigned int * stat_addr, int options,
struct rusage32 * ru)
if (!ru)
return sys_wait4(pid, stat_addr, options, NULL);
else {
struct rusage r;
int ret;
unsigned int status;
mm_segment_t old_fs = get_fs();
ret = sys_wait4(pid, stat_addr ? &status : NULL, options, &r);
if (put_rusage (ru, &r)) return -EFAULT;
if (stat_addr && put_user (status, stat_addr))
return -EFAULT;
return ret;
asmlinkage int
sys32_waitpid(compat_pid_t pid, unsigned int *stat_addr, int options)
return sys32_wait4(pid, stat_addr, options, NULL);
return compat_sys_wait4(pid, stat_addr, options, NULL);
struct sysinfo32 {
......@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@ EXPORT(sysn32_call_table)
PTR sys_fork
PTR sys32_execve
PTR sys_exit
PTR sys32_wait4
PTR compat_sys_wait4
PTR sys_kill /* 6060 */
PTR sys32_newuname
PTR sys_semget
......@@ -316,7 +316,7 @@ sys_call_table:
PTR sys_vhangup
PTR sys_ni_syscall /* was sys_idle */
PTR sys_ni_syscall /* sys_vm86 */
PTR sys32_wait4
PTR compat_sys_wait4
PTR sys_swapoff /* 4115 */
PTR sys32_sysinfo
PTR sys32_ipc
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