Commit b4fafbe9 authored by Greg Rose's avatar Greg Rose Committed by Jeff Kirsher
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ixgbe: Fix device ref count bug

The device lookup neglected to do a pci_dev_put() to decrement the
device reference count.
Reported-by: default avatarElena Gurevich <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGreg Rose <>
Tested-by: default avatarPhil Schmitt <>
Tested-by: default avatarSibai Li <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff Kirsher <>
parent d1d18b30
......@@ -7758,6 +7758,8 @@ static pci_ers_result_t ixgbe_io_error_detected(struct pci_dev *pdev,
if (vfdev) {
e_dev_err("Issuing VFLR to VF %d\n", vf);
pci_write_config_dword(vfdev, 0xA8, 0x00008000);
/* Free device reference count */
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