Commit b4e16611 authored by Jesse Gross's avatar Jesse Gross
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genetlink: Add rcu_dereference_genl and genl_dereference.

This adds rcu_dereference_genl and genl_dereference, which are genl
variants of the RTNL functions to enforce proper locking with lockdep
and sparse.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJesse Gross <>
parent 86b1309c
......@@ -89,6 +89,27 @@ extern void genl_unlock(void);
extern int lockdep_genl_is_held(void);
* rcu_dereference_genl - rcu_dereference with debug checking
* @p: The pointer to read, prior to dereferencing
* Do an rcu_dereference(p), but check caller either holds rcu_read_lock()
* or genl mutex. Note : Please prefer genl_dereference() or rcu_dereference()
#define rcu_dereference_genl(p) \
rcu_dereference_check(p, lockdep_genl_is_held())
* genl_dereference - fetch RCU pointer when updates are prevented by genl mutex
* @p: The pointer to read, prior to dereferencing
* Return the value of the specified RCU-protected pointer, but omit
* both the smp_read_barrier_depends() and the ACCESS_ONCE(), because
* caller holds genl mutex.
#define genl_dereference(p) \
rcu_dereference_protected(p, lockdep_genl_is_held())
#endif /* __KERNEL__ */
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