Commit b290b57d authored by Larry Finger's avatar Larry Finger Committed by Kalle Valo
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rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix firmware header endian issues

This driver is converted to use the common firmware header struct.
Because the old header definition failed to indicate that the multi-byte
entries should be little endian, several problems were thus exposed.
These are fixed.
Signed-off-by: default avatarLarry Finger <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKalle Valo <>
parent 253f10ab
......@@ -110,28 +110,6 @@
#define SET_H2CCMD_RSVDPAGE_LOC_NULL_DATA(__ph2ccmd, __val) \
SET_BITS_TO_LE_1BYTE((__ph2ccmd) + 2, 0, 8, __val)
struct rtl92d_firmware_header {
u16 signature;
u8 category;
u8 function;
u16 version;
u8 subversion;
u8 rsvd1;
u8 month;
u8 date;
u8 hour;
u8 minute;
u16 ramcodeSize;
u16 rsvd2;
u32 svnindex;
u32 rsvd3;
u32 rsvd4;
u32 rsvd5;
int rtl92d_download_fw(struct ieee80211_hw *hw);
void rtl92d_fill_h2c_cmd(struct ieee80211_hw *hw, u8 element_id,
u32 cmd_len, u8 *p_cmdbuffer);
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