Commit aee41fe2 authored by Al Viro's avatar Al Viro

lseek() and truncate() on sparc really need sign extension

ftruncate() doesn't - it's declared with size as unsigned long,
but truncate() and lseek() have that argument as signed long.
IOW, these two really need sign extension + branch to native
syscall; argument validation in sys_... does *not* suffice.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAl Viro <>
parent 9e2d59ad
......@@ -47,11 +47,13 @@ SIGN1(sys32_mq_open, compat_sys_mq_open, %o1)
SIGN1(sys32_select, compat_sys_select, %o0)
SIGN3(sys32_futex, compat_sys_futex, %o1, %o2, %o5)
SIGN2(sys32_sendfile, compat_sys_sendfile, %o0, %o1)
SIGN1(sys32_lseek, sys_lseek, %o1)
SIGN1(sys32_recvfrom, compat_sys_recvfrom, %o0)
SIGN1(sys32_recvmsg, compat_sys_recvmsg, %o0)
SIGN1(sys32_sendmsg, compat_sys_sendmsg, %o0)
SIGN2(sys32_sync_file_range, compat_sync_file_range, %o0, %o5)
SIGN1(sys32_vmsplice, compat_sys_vmsplice, %o0)
SIGN1(sys32_truncate, sys_truncate, %o1)
.globl sys32_mmap2
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ sys_call_table32:
/*0*/ .word sys_restart_syscall, sparc_exit, sys_fork, sys_read, sys_write
/*5*/ .word compat_sys_open, sys_close, compat_sys_wait4, sys_creat, sys_link
/*10*/ .word sys_unlink, sunos_execv, sys_chdir, sys_chown16, sys_mknod
/*15*/ .word sys_chmod, sys_lchown16, sys_brk, sys_nis_syscall, sys_lseek
/*15*/ .word sys_chmod, sys_lchown16, sys_brk, sys_nis_syscall, sys32_lseek
/*20*/ .word sys_getpid, sys_capget, sys_capset, sys_setuid16, sys_getuid16
/*25*/ .word sys32_vmsplice, compat_sys_ptrace, sys_alarm, compat_sys_sigaltstack, sys_pause
/*30*/ .word compat_sys_utime, sys_lchown, sys_fchown, sys_access, sys_nice
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ sys_call_table32:
/*110*/ .word sys_setresgid, sys_getresgid, sys_setregid, sys_nis_syscall, sys_nis_syscall
.word sys_getgroups, compat_sys_gettimeofday, sys32_getrusage, sys_nis_syscall, sys_getcwd
/*120*/ .word compat_sys_readv, compat_sys_writev, compat_sys_settimeofday, sys_fchown16, sys_fchmod
.word sys_nis_syscall, sys_setreuid16, sys_setregid16, sys_rename, sys_truncate
.word sys_nis_syscall, sys_setreuid16, sys_setregid16, sys_rename, sys32_truncate
/*130*/ .word sys_ftruncate, sys_flock, compat_sys_lstat64, sys_nis_syscall, sys_nis_syscall
.word sys_nis_syscall, sys_mkdir, sys_rmdir, compat_sys_utimes, compat_sys_stat64
/*140*/ .word sys_sendfile64, sys_nis_syscall, sys32_futex, sys_gettid, compat_sys_getrlimit
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