Commit ae88e05a authored by Sekhar Nori's avatar Sekhar Nori Committed by Kevin Hilman

davinci: enable ARCH_HAS_HOLES_MEMORYMODEL for DaVinci

All DaVinci platforms include a DSP or co-processor for
audio/video acceleration.

While creating memory for the DSP/co-processor, system
integrator can end up creating a hole in the memory map
of the sort:

<kernel memory> <hole (memory for DSP)> <kernel memory>

This sort of configuration needs ARCH_HAS_HOLES_MEMORYMODEL
enabled. See further details see this discussion on ARM
linux mailing list:

The patch is boot tested on OMAP-L138, DM6446 and DM355 EVMs
Signed-off-by: default avatarSekhar Nori <>
CC: Sriramakrishnan <>
CC: Khasim Syed Mohammed <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKevin Hilman <>
parent 75c99bb0
......@@ -688,6 +688,7 @@ config ARCH_DAVINCI
select HAVE_IDE
Support for TI's DaVinci platform.
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