Commit ae4694b2 authored by David S. Miller's avatar David S. Miller

ipv6: Create inet6_csk_route_req().

Brother of ipv4's inet_csk_route_req().
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 15c05425
......@@ -25,6 +25,9 @@ struct sockaddr;
extern int inet6_csk_bind_conflict(const struct sock *sk,
const struct inet_bind_bucket *tb);
extern struct dst_entry* inet6_csk_route_req(struct sock *sk,
const struct request_sock *req);
extern struct request_sock *inet6_csk_search_req(const struct sock *sk,
struct request_sock ***prevp,
const __be16 rport,
......@@ -54,6 +54,38 @@ int inet6_csk_bind_conflict(const struct sock *sk,
struct dst_entry *inet6_csk_route_req(struct sock *sk,
const struct request_sock *req)
struct inet6_request_sock *treq = inet6_rsk(req);
struct ipv6_pinfo *np = inet6_sk(sk);
struct in6_addr *final_p, final;
struct dst_entry *dst;
struct flowi fl;
memset(&fl, 0, sizeof(fl));
fl.proto = IPPROTO_TCP;
ipv6_addr_copy(&fl.fl6_dst, &treq->rmt_addr);
final_p = fl6_update_dst(&fl, np->opt, &final);
ipv6_addr_copy(&fl.fl6_src, &treq->loc_addr);
fl.oif = sk->sk_bound_dev_if;
fl.mark = sk->sk_mark;
fl.fl_ip_dport = inet_rsk(req)->rmt_port;
fl.fl_ip_sport = inet_rsk(req)->loc_port;
security_req_classify_flow(req, &fl);
if (ip6_dst_lookup(sk, &dst, &fl))
return NULL;
if (final_p)
ipv6_addr_copy(&fl.fl6_dst, final_p);
if ((xfrm_lookup(sock_net(sk), &dst, &fl, sk, 0)) < 0)
return NULL;
return dst;
* request_sock (formerly open request) hash tables.
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