Commit ab79ad14 authored by Maciej Żenczykowski's avatar Maciej Żenczykowski Committed by David S. Miller
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ipv6: Implement Any-IP support for IPv6.

AnyIP is the capability to receive packets and establish incoming
connections on IPs we have not explicitly configured on the machine.

An example use case is to configure a machine to accept all incoming
traffic on eth0, and leave the policy of whether traffic for a given IP
should be delivered to the machine up to the load balancer.

Can be setup as follows:
  ip -6 rule from all iif eth0 lookup 200
  ip -6 route add local default dev lo table 200
(in this case for all IPv6 addresses)
Signed-off-by: default avatarMaciej Żenczykowski <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 4465b469
......@@ -1169,6 +1169,8 @@ int ip6_route_add(struct fib6_config *cfg)
if (addr_type & IPV6_ADDR_MULTICAST)
rt->dst.input = ip6_mc_input;
else if (cfg->fc_flags & RTF_LOCAL)
rt->dst.input = ip6_input;
rt->dst.input = ip6_forward;
......@@ -1190,7 +1192,8 @@ int ip6_route_add(struct fib6_config *cfg)
they would result in kernel looping; promote them to reject routes
if ((cfg->fc_flags & RTF_REJECT) ||
(dev && (dev->flags&IFF_LOOPBACK) && !(addr_type&IPV6_ADDR_LOOPBACK))) {
(dev && (dev->flags&IFF_LOOPBACK) && !(addr_type&IPV6_ADDR_LOOPBACK)
&& !(cfg->fc_flags&RTF_LOCAL))) {
/* hold loopback dev/idev if we haven't done so. */
if (dev != net->loopback_dev) {
if (dev) {
......@@ -2082,6 +2085,9 @@ static int rtm_to_fib6_config(struct sk_buff *skb, struct nlmsghdr *nlh,
if (rtm->rtm_type == RTN_UNREACHABLE)
cfg->fc_flags |= RTF_REJECT;
if (rtm->rtm_type == RTN_LOCAL)
cfg->fc_flags |= RTF_LOCAL;
cfg-> = NETLINK_CB(skb).pid;
cfg->fc_nlinfo.nlh = nlh;
cfg->fc_nlinfo.nl_net = sock_net(skb->sk);
......@@ -2202,6 +2208,8 @@ static int rt6_fill_node(struct net *net,
NLA_PUT_U32(skb, RTA_TABLE, table);
if (rt->rt6i_flags&RTF_REJECT)
rtm->rtm_type = RTN_UNREACHABLE;
else if (rt->rt6i_flags&RTF_LOCAL)
rtm->rtm_type = RTN_LOCAL;
else if (rt->rt6i_dev && (rt->rt6i_dev->flags&IFF_LOOPBACK))
rtm->rtm_type = RTN_LOCAL;
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