Commit a7265fb1 authored by Christoffer Dall's avatar Christoffer Dall
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KVM: ARM: Remove non-ASCII space characters

Some strange character leaped into the documentation, which makes
git-send-email behave quite strangely.  Get rid of this before it bites
anyone else.

Cc: Anup Patel <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarChristoffer Dall <>
parent e8c2d99f
......@@ -2312,7 +2312,7 @@ Type: vm ioctl
Parameters: struct struct kvm_vcpu_init (out)
Returns: 0 on success; -1 on error
 ENODEV:    no preferred target available for the host
ENODEV: no preferred target available for the host
This queries KVM for preferred CPU target type which can be emulated
by KVM on underlying host.
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