Commit a6b7da5d authored by Rafał Miłecki's avatar Rafał Miłecki Committed by John W. Linville
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b43: HT-PHY: switch radio to requested channel

Switching channel happens after specific SHM write to B43_SHM_SH_CHAN.
This is the way we found it in BCM4331 MMIO dumps. By comparing with
N-PHY code we noticed there is routing used for SYN and TX/RX.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRafał Miłecki <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent 39ca554c
......@@ -30,6 +30,45 @@
static void b43_radio_2059_channel_setup(struct b43_wldev *dev,
const struct b43_phy_ht_channeltab_e_radio2059 *e)
u8 i;
u16 routing;
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x16, e->radio_syn16);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x17, e->radio_syn17);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x22, e->radio_syn22);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x25, e->radio_syn25);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x27, e->radio_syn27);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x28, e->radio_syn28);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x29, e->radio_syn29);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x2c, e->radio_syn2c);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x2d, e->radio_syn2d);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x37, e->radio_syn37);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x41, e->radio_syn41);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x43, e->radio_syn43);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x47, e->radio_syn47);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x4a, e->radio_syn4a);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x58, e->radio_syn58);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x5a, e->radio_syn5a);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x6a, e->radio_syn6a);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x6d, e->radio_syn6d);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x6e, e->radio_syn6e);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x92, e->radio_syn92);
b43_radio_write(dev, 0x98, e->radio_syn98);
for (i = 0; i < 2; i++) {
routing = i ? 0x800 : 0x400;
b43_radio_write(dev, routing | 0x4a, e->radio_rxtx4a);
b43_radio_write(dev, routing | 0x58, e->radio_rxtx58);
b43_radio_write(dev, routing | 0x5a, e->radio_rxtx5a);
b43_radio_write(dev, routing | 0x6a, e->radio_rxtx6a);
b43_radio_write(dev, routing | 0x6d, e->radio_rxtx6d);
b43_radio_write(dev, routing | 0x6e, e->radio_rxtx6e);
b43_radio_write(dev, routing | 0x92, e->radio_rxtx92);
b43_radio_write(dev, routing | 0x98, e->radio_rxtx98);
/* TODO */
......@@ -10,7 +10,35 @@ struct b43_phy_ht_channeltab_e_radio2059 {
/* The channel frequency in MHz */
u16 freq;
/* Values for radio registers */
/* TODO */
u8 radio_syn16;
u8 radio_syn17;
u8 radio_syn22;
u8 radio_syn25;
u8 radio_syn27;
u8 radio_syn28;
u8 radio_syn29;
u8 radio_syn2c;
u8 radio_syn2d;
u8 radio_syn37;
u8 radio_syn41;
u8 radio_syn43;
u8 radio_syn47;
u8 radio_syn4a;
u8 radio_syn58;
u8 radio_syn5a;
u8 radio_syn6a;
u8 radio_syn6d;
u8 radio_syn6e;
u8 radio_syn92;
u8 radio_syn98;
u8 radio_rxtx4a;
u8 radio_rxtx58;
u8 radio_rxtx5a;
u8 radio_rxtx6a;
u8 radio_rxtx6d;
u8 radio_rxtx6e;
u8 radio_rxtx92;
u8 radio_rxtx98;
/* Values for PHY registers */
struct b43_phy_ht_channeltab_e_phy phy_regs;
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