Commit a529cecd authored by Rafał Miłecki's avatar Rafał Miłecki Committed by John W. Linville
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b43: N-PHY: rev2: save and restore PHY regs on RSSI poll

Signed-off-by: default avatarRafał Miłecki <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
parent fee613b7
......@@ -1846,6 +1846,14 @@ static int b43_nphy_poll_rssi(struct b43_wldev *dev, u8 type, s32 *buf,
save_regs_phy[5] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_NPHY_AFECTL_OVER);
save_regs_phy[6] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_NPHY_TXF_40CO_B1S0);
save_regs_phy[7] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_NPHY_TXF_40CO_B32S1);
} else if (dev->phy.rev == 2) {
save_regs_phy[0] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_NPHY_AFECTL_C1);
save_regs_phy[1] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_NPHY_AFECTL_C2);
save_regs_phy[2] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_NPHY_AFECTL_OVER);
save_regs_phy[3] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_NPHY_RFCTL_CMD);
save_regs_phy[4] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_NPHY_RFCTL_OVER);
save_regs_phy[5] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_NPHY_RFCTL_RSSIO1);
save_regs_phy[6] = b43_phy_read(dev, B43_NPHY_RFCTL_RSSIO2);
b43_nphy_rssi_select(dev, 5, type);
......@@ -1889,6 +1897,14 @@ static int b43_nphy_poll_rssi(struct b43_wldev *dev, u8 type, s32 *buf,
b43_phy_write(dev, B43_NPHY_AFECTL_OVER, save_regs_phy[5]);
b43_phy_write(dev, B43_NPHY_TXF_40CO_B1S0, save_regs_phy[6]);
b43_phy_write(dev, B43_NPHY_TXF_40CO_B32S1, save_regs_phy[7]);
} else if (dev->phy.rev == 2) {
b43_phy_write(dev, B43_NPHY_AFECTL_C1, save_regs_phy[0]);
b43_phy_write(dev, B43_NPHY_AFECTL_C2, save_regs_phy[1]);
b43_phy_write(dev, B43_NPHY_AFECTL_OVER, save_regs_phy[2]);
b43_phy_write(dev, B43_NPHY_RFCTL_CMD, save_regs_phy[3]);
b43_phy_write(dev, B43_NPHY_RFCTL_OVER, save_regs_phy[4]);
b43_phy_write(dev, B43_NPHY_RFCTL_RSSIO1, save_regs_phy[5]);
b43_phy_write(dev, B43_NPHY_RFCTL_RSSIO2, save_regs_phy[6]);
return out;
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