Commit a29ee9f3 authored by David Woodhouse's avatar David Woodhouse
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Add Kbuild file for SPARC 'make headers_install'

Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Woodhouse <>
parent dc901d6d
include include/asm-generic/Kbuild.asm
header-y += apc.h asi.h asmmacro.h auxio.h bitext.h bpp.h \
bsderrno.h btfixup.h clock.h contregs.h cpudata.h cypress.h \
ebus.h ecc.h eeprom.h fbio.h floppy.h head.h hw_irq.h \
idprom.h io-unit.h iommu.h ipc.h jsflash.h \
kdebug.h machines.h mbus.h memreg.h mostek.h mpmbox.h msi.h \
mxcc.h obio.h openprom.h openpromio.h oplib.h pbm.h pcic.h \
pconf.h perfctr.h pgtsrmmu.h pgtsun4.h pgtsun4c.h psr.h reg.h \
ross.h sbi.h sbus.h sfp-machine.h smpprim.h \
solerrno.h spinlock.h sun4paddr.h sun4prom.h sunbpp.h svr4.h \
swift.h sysen.h timer.h traps.h tsunami.h turbosparc.h \
vac-ops.h vaddrs.h vfc_ioctls.h viking.h winmacro.h
include include/asm-generic/Kbuild.asm
ALTARCH := sparc
ARCHDEF := defined __sparc__ && defined __arch64__
ALTARCHDEF := defined __sparc__ && !defined __arch64__
header-y += agp.h apb.h asi.h auxio.h bbc.h bpp.h bsderrno.h \
chafsr.h chmctrl.h compat.h const.h cpudata.h dcr.h dcu.h \
display7seg.h ebus.h envctrl.h estate.h fbio.h fhc.h floppy.h \
fpumacro.h head.h hw_irq.h idprom.h iommu.h \
ipc.h isa.h kdebug.h lsu.h mostek.h ns87303.h \
openprom.h openpromio.h oplib.h parport.h pbm.h pconf.h \
perfctr.h pil.h psrcompat.h pstate.h reg.h sbus.h \
sfp-machine.h solerrno.h spinlock.h spitfire.h starfire.h \
sunbpp.h svr4.h timer.h ttable.h uctx.h upa.h utrap.h vga.h \
visasm.h watchdog.h
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