Commit 9dbdfd23 authored by Alex Williamson's avatar Alex Williamson
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vfio: Move PCI INTx eventfd setting earlier

We need to be ready to recieve an interrupt as soon as we call
request_irq, so our eventfd context setting needs to be moved
earlier.  Without this, an interrupt from our device or one
sharing the interrupt line can pass a NULL into eventfd_signal
and oops.

Signed-off-by: default avatarAlex Williamson <>
parent 34002f54
......@@ -400,19 +400,20 @@ static int vfio_intx_set_signal(struct vfio_pci_device *vdev, int fd)
return PTR_ERR(trigger);
vdev->ctx[0].trigger = trigger;
if (!vdev->pci_2_3)
irqflags = 0;
ret = request_irq(pdev->irq, vfio_intx_handler,
irqflags, vdev->ctx[0].name, vdev);
if (ret) {
vdev->ctx[0].trigger = NULL;
return ret;
vdev->ctx[0].trigger = trigger;
* INTx disable will stick across the new irq setup,
* disable_irq won't.
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