Commit 9cfaf082 authored by Leonidas Da Silva Barbosa's avatar Leonidas Da Silva Barbosa Committed by Herbert Xu

crypto: nx - Removing CTR mode from NX driver

CTR hardware implementation does not match with kernel spec causing a counter bug
where just low 8 bytes are used for counter, when should be all 16bytes.

Since we already have other counter modes working according with specs
not worth to keep CTR itself on NX.
Signed-off-by: default avatarLeonidas S. Barbosa <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarHerbert Xu <>
parent 4cd38750
......@@ -144,27 +144,6 @@ static int ctr3686_aes_nx_crypt(struct blkcipher_desc *desc,
return ctr_aes_nx_crypt(desc, dst, src, nbytes);
struct crypto_alg nx_ctr_aes_alg = {
.cra_name = "ctr(aes)",
.cra_driver_name = "ctr-aes-nx",
.cra_priority = 300,
.cra_blocksize = 1,
.cra_ctxsize = sizeof(struct nx_crypto_ctx),
.cra_type = &crypto_blkcipher_type,
.cra_module = THIS_MODULE,
.cra_init = nx_crypto_ctx_aes_ctr_init,
.cra_exit = nx_crypto_ctx_exit,
.cra_blkcipher = {
.min_keysize = AES_MIN_KEY_SIZE,
.max_keysize = AES_MAX_KEY_SIZE,
.ivsize = AES_BLOCK_SIZE,
.setkey = ctr_aes_nx_set_key,
.encrypt = ctr_aes_nx_crypt,
.decrypt = ctr_aes_nx_crypt,
struct crypto_alg nx_ctr3686_aes_alg = {
.cra_name = "rfc3686(ctr(aes))",
.cra_driver_name = "rfc3686-ctr-aes-nx",
......@@ -596,13 +596,9 @@ static int nx_register_algs(void)
if (rc)
goto out_unreg_ecb;
rc = nx_register_alg(&nx_ctr_aes_alg, NX_FC_AES, NX_MODE_AES_CTR);
if (rc)
goto out_unreg_cbc;
rc = nx_register_alg(&nx_ctr3686_aes_alg, NX_FC_AES, NX_MODE_AES_CTR);
if (rc)
goto out_unreg_ctr;
goto out_unreg_cbc;
rc = nx_register_aead(&nx_gcm_aes_alg, NX_FC_AES, NX_MODE_AES_GCM);
if (rc)
......@@ -653,8 +649,6 @@ out_unreg_gcm:
nx_unregister_aead(&nx_gcm_aes_alg, NX_FC_AES, NX_MODE_AES_GCM);
nx_unregister_alg(&nx_ctr3686_aes_alg, NX_FC_AES, NX_MODE_AES_CTR);
nx_unregister_alg(&nx_ctr_aes_alg, NX_FC_AES, NX_MODE_AES_CTR);
nx_unregister_alg(&nx_cbc_aes_alg, NX_FC_AES, NX_MODE_AES_CBC);
......@@ -821,7 +815,6 @@ static int nx_remove(struct vio_dev *viodev)
nx_unregister_alg(&nx_ctr_aes_alg, NX_FC_AES, NX_MODE_AES_CTR);
nx_unregister_alg(&nx_cbc_aes_alg, NX_FC_AES, NX_MODE_AES_CBC);
nx_unregister_alg(&nx_ecb_aes_alg, NX_FC_AES, NX_MODE_AES_ECB);
......@@ -187,7 +187,6 @@ extern struct crypto_alg nx_cbc_aes_alg;
extern struct crypto_alg nx_ecb_aes_alg;
extern struct aead_alg nx_gcm_aes_alg;
extern struct aead_alg nx_gcm4106_aes_alg;
extern struct crypto_alg nx_ctr_aes_alg;
extern struct crypto_alg nx_ctr3686_aes_alg;
extern struct aead_alg nx_ccm_aes_alg;
extern struct aead_alg nx_ccm4309_aes_alg;
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