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......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
obj-$(CONFIG_ATH6KL) := ath6kl.o
ath6kl-y += debug.o
ath6kl-y += htc_hif.o
ath6kl-y += hif.o
ath6kl-y += htc.o
ath6kl-y += bmi.o
ath6kl-y += cfg80211.o
......@@ -196,8 +196,6 @@ int ath6kl_bmi_done(struct ath6kl *ar)
return ret;
return 0;
......@@ -672,6 +670,11 @@ int ath6kl_bmi_fast_download(struct ath6kl *ar, u32 addr, u8 *buf, u32 len)
return ret;
void ath6kl_bmi_reset(struct ath6kl *ar)
ar->bmi.done_sent = false;
int ath6kl_bmi_init(struct ath6kl *ar)
ar->bmi.cmd_buf = kzalloc(MAX_BMI_CMDBUF_SZ, GFP_ATOMIC);
......@@ -230,6 +230,8 @@ struct ath6kl_bmi_target_info {
int ath6kl_bmi_init(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_bmi_cleanup(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_bmi_reset(struct ath6kl *ar);
int ath6kl_bmi_done(struct ath6kl *ar);
int ath6kl_bmi_get_target_info(struct ath6kl *ar,
struct ath6kl_bmi_target_info *targ_info);
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -17,23 +17,41 @@
#ifndef ATH6KL_CFG80211_H
#define ATH6KL_CFG80211_H
struct wireless_dev *ath6kl_cfg80211_init(struct device *dev);
void ath6kl_cfg80211_deinit(struct ath6kl *ar);
enum ath6kl_cfg_suspend_mode {
void ath6kl_cfg80211_scan_complete_event(struct ath6kl *ar, int status);
struct net_device *ath6kl_interface_add(struct ath6kl *ar, char *name,
enum nl80211_iftype type,
u8 fw_vif_idx, u8 nw_type);
int ath6kl_register_ieee80211_hw(struct ath6kl *ar);
struct ath6kl *ath6kl_core_alloc(struct device *dev);
void ath6kl_deinit_ieee80211_hw(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_cfg80211_connect_event(struct ath6kl *ar, u16 channel,
void ath6kl_cfg80211_scan_complete_event(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, bool aborted);
void ath6kl_cfg80211_connect_event(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u16 channel,
u8 *bssid, u16 listen_intvl,
u16 beacon_intvl,
enum network_type nw_type,
u8 beacon_ie_len, u8 assoc_req_len,
u8 assoc_resp_len, u8 *assoc_info);
void ath6kl_cfg80211_disconnect_event(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 reason,
void ath6kl_cfg80211_disconnect_event(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u8 reason,
u8 *bssid, u8 assoc_resp_len,
u8 *assoc_info, u16 proto_reason);
void ath6kl_cfg80211_tkip_micerr_event(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 keyid,
void ath6kl_cfg80211_tkip_micerr_event(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u8 keyid,
bool ismcast);
int ath6kl_cfg80211_suspend(struct ath6kl *ar,
enum ath6kl_cfg_suspend_mode mode,
struct cfg80211_wowlan *wow);
int ath6kl_cfg80211_resume(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_cfg80211_stop(struct ath6kl *ar);
#endif /* ATH6KL_CFG80211_H */
......@@ -23,8 +23,6 @@
extern int ath6kl_printk(const char *level, const char *fmt, ...);
#define A_CACHE_LINE_PAD 128
* Reflects the version of binary interface exposed by ATH6KL target
* firmware. Needs to be incremented by 1 for any change in the firmware
......@@ -78,20 +76,10 @@ enum crypto_type {
struct htc_endpoint_credit_dist;
struct ath6kl;
enum htc_credit_dist_reason;
struct htc_credit_state_info;
struct ath6kl_htc_credit_info;
int ath6k_setup_credit_dist(void *htc_handle,
struct htc_credit_state_info *cred_info);
void ath6k_credit_distribute(struct htc_credit_state_info *cred_inf,
struct list_head *epdist_list,
enum htc_credit_dist_reason reason);
void ath6k_credit_init(struct htc_credit_state_info *cred_inf,
struct list_head *ep_list,
int tot_credits);
void ath6k_seek_credits(struct htc_credit_state_info *cred_inf,
struct htc_endpoint_credit_dist *ep_dist);
struct ath6kl *ath6kl_core_alloc(struct device *sdev);
int ath6kl_core_init(struct ath6kl *ar);
int ath6kl_unavail_ev(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_core_cleanup(struct ath6kl *ar);
struct sk_buff *ath6kl_buf_alloc(int size);
#endif /* COMMON_H */
......@@ -166,6 +166,7 @@ struct ath6kl_fw_ie {
enum wlan_low_pwr_state {
......@@ -380,40 +381,33 @@ struct ath6kl_req_key {
u8 key_len;
/* Flag info */
#define WMI_ENABLED 0
#define WMI_READY 1
#define CONNECTED 2
#define CONNECT_PEND 4
#define WMM_ENABLED 5
#define NETQ_STOPPED 6
#define WMI_CTRL_EP_FULL 7
#define DTIM_EXPIRED 8
#define SKIP_SCAN 11
#define WLAN_ENABLED 12
#define TESTMODE 13
#define MAX_NUM_VIF 1
/* vif flags info */
enum ath6kl_vif_state {
struct ath6kl {
struct device *dev;
struct net_device *net_dev;
struct ath6kl_bmi bmi;
const struct ath6kl_hif_ops *hif_ops;
struct wmi *wmi;
int tx_pending[ENDPOINT_MAX];
int total_tx_data_pend;
struct htc_target *htc_target;
void *hif_priv;
spinlock_t lock;
struct semaphore sem;
struct ath6kl_vif {
struct list_head list;
struct wireless_dev wdev;
struct net_device *ndev;
struct ath6kl *ar;
/* Lock to protect vif specific net_stats and flags */
spinlock_t if_lock;
u8 fw_vif_idx;
unsigned long flags;
int ssid_len;
u8 ssid[IEEE80211_MAX_SSID_LEN];
u8 next_mode;
u8 nw_type;
u8 dot11_auth_mode;
u8 auth_mode;
u8 prwise_crypto;
......@@ -421,21 +415,83 @@ struct ath6kl {
u8 grp_crypto;
u8 grp_crypto_len;
u8 def_txkey_index;
struct ath6kl_wep_key wep_key_list[WMI_MAX_KEY_INDEX + 1];
u8 next_mode;
u8 nw_type;
u8 bssid[ETH_ALEN];
u8 req_bssid[ETH_ALEN];
u16 ch_hint;
u16 bss_ch;
struct ath6kl_wep_key wep_key_list[WMI_MAX_KEY_INDEX + 1];
struct ath6kl_key keys[WMI_MAX_KEY_INDEX + 1];
struct aggr_info *aggr_cntxt;
struct timer_list disconnect_timer;
struct cfg80211_scan_request *scan_req;
enum sme_state sme_state;
int reconnect_flag;
u32 last_roc_id;
u32 last_cancel_roc_id;
u32 send_action_id;
bool probe_req_report;
u16 next_chan;
u16 assoc_bss_beacon_int;
u8 assoc_bss_dtim_period;
struct net_device_stats net_stats;
struct target_stats target_stats;
#define WOW_LIST_ID 0
#define WOW_HOST_REQ_DELAY 500 /* ms */
/* Flag info */
enum ath6kl_dev_state {
enum ath6kl_state {
struct ath6kl {
struct device *dev;
struct wiphy *wiphy;
enum ath6kl_state state;
struct ath6kl_bmi bmi;
const struct ath6kl_hif_ops *hif_ops;
struct wmi *wmi;
int tx_pending[ENDPOINT_MAX];
int total_tx_data_pend;
struct htc_target *htc_target;
void *hif_priv;
struct list_head vif_list;
/* Lock to avoid race in vif_list entries among add/del/traverse */
spinlock_t list_lock;
u8 num_vif;
u8 max_norm_iface;
u8 avail_idx_map;
spinlock_t lock;
struct semaphore sem;
u16 listen_intvl_b;
u16 listen_intvl_t;
u8 lrssi_roam_threshold;
struct ath6kl_version version;
u32 target_type;
u8 tx_pwr;
struct net_device_stats net_stats;
struct target_stats target_stats;
struct ath6kl_node_mapping node_map[MAX_NODE_NUM];
u8 ibss_ps_enable;
bool ibss_if_active;
u8 node_num;
u8 next_ep_id;
struct ath6kl_cookie *cookie_list;
......@@ -446,7 +502,7 @@ struct ath6kl {
u8 hiac_stream_active_pri;
u8 ep2ac_map[ENDPOINT_MAX];
enum htc_endpoint_id ctrl_ep;
struct htc_credit_state_info credit_state_info;
struct ath6kl_htc_credit_info credit_state_info;
u32 connect_ctrl_flags;
u32 user_key_ctrl;
u8 usr_bss_filter;
......@@ -456,18 +512,13 @@ struct ath6kl {
struct sk_buff_head mcastpsq;
spinlock_t mcastpsq_lock;
u8 intra_bss;
struct aggr_info *aggr_cntxt;
struct wmi_ap_mode_stat ap_stats;
u8 ap_country_code[3];
struct list_head amsdu_rx_buffer_queue;
struct timer_list disconnect_timer;
u8 rx_meta_ver;
struct wireless_dev *wdev;
struct cfg80211_scan_request *scan_req;
struct ath6kl_key keys[WMI_MAX_KEY_INDEX + 1];
enum sme_state sme_state;
enum wlan_low_pwr_state wlan_pwr_state;
struct wmi_scan_params_cmd sc_params;
u8 mac_addr[ETH_ALEN];
struct {
void *rx_report;
......@@ -487,7 +538,6 @@ struct ath6kl {
struct ath6kl_mbox_info mbox_info;
struct ath6kl_cookie cookie_mem[MAX_COOKIE_NUM];
int reconnect_flag;
unsigned long flag;
u8 *fw_board;
......@@ -508,13 +558,7 @@ struct ath6kl {
struct dentry *debugfs_phy;
u32 send_action_id;
bool probe_req_report;
u16 next_chan;
bool p2p;
u16 assoc_bss_beacon_int;
u8 assoc_bss_dtim_period;
struct {
......@@ -529,23 +573,19 @@ struct ath6kl {
struct {
unsigned int invalid_rate;
} war_stats;
u8 *roam_tbl;
unsigned int roam_tbl_len;
u8 keepalive;
u8 disc_timeout;
} debug;
#endif /* CONFIG_ATH6KL_DEBUG */
static inline void *ath6kl_priv(struct net_device *dev)
return wdev_priv(dev->ieee80211_ptr);
static inline void ath6kl_deposit_credit_to_ep(struct htc_credit_state_info
struct htc_endpoint_credit_dist
*ep_dist, int credits)
ep_dist->credits += credits;
ep_dist->cred_assngd += credits;
cred_info->cur_free_credits -= credits;
return ((struct ath6kl_vif *) netdev_priv(dev))->ar;
static inline u32 ath6kl_get_hi_item_addr(struct ath6kl *ar,
......@@ -561,7 +601,6 @@ static inline u32 ath6kl_get_hi_item_addr(struct ath6kl *ar,
return addr;
void ath6kl_destroy(struct net_device *dev, unsigned int unregister);
int ath6kl_configure_target(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_detect_error(unsigned long ptr);
void disconnect_timer_handler(unsigned long ptr);
......@@ -579,10 +618,8 @@ int ath6kl_diag_write(struct ath6kl *ar, u32 address, void *data, u32 length);
int ath6kl_diag_read32(struct ath6kl *ar, u32 address, u32 *value);
int ath6kl_diag_read(struct ath6kl *ar, u32 address, void *data, u32 length);
int ath6kl_read_fwlogs(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_init_profile_info(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_init_profile_info(struct ath6kl_vif *vif);
void ath6kl_tx_data_cleanup(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_stop_endpoint(struct net_device *dev, bool keep_profile,
bool get_dbglogs);
struct ath6kl_cookie *ath6kl_alloc_cookie(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_free_cookie(struct ath6kl *ar, struct ath6kl_cookie *cookie);
......@@ -598,40 +635,49 @@ struct htc_packet *ath6kl_alloc_amsdu_rxbuf(struct htc_target *target,
void aggr_module_destroy(struct aggr_info *aggr_info);
void aggr_reset_state(struct aggr_info *aggr_info);
struct ath6kl_sta *ath6kl_find_sta(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 * node_addr);
struct ath6kl_sta *ath6kl_find_sta(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u8 * node_addr);
struct ath6kl_sta *ath6kl_find_sta_by_aid(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 aid);
void ath6kl_ready_event(void *devt, u8 * datap, u32 sw_ver, u32 abi_ver);
int ath6kl_control_tx(void *devt, struct sk_buff *skb,
enum htc_endpoint_id eid);
void ath6kl_connect_event(struct ath6kl *ar, u16 channel,
void ath6kl_connect_event(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u16 channel,
u8 *bssid, u16 listen_int,
u16 beacon_int, enum network_type net_type,
u8 beacon_ie_len, u8 assoc_req_len,
u8 assoc_resp_len, u8 *assoc_info);
void ath6kl_connect_ap_mode_bss(struct ath6kl *ar, u16 channel);
void ath6kl_connect_ap_mode_sta(struct ath6kl *ar, u16 aid, u8 *mac_addr,
void ath6kl_connect_ap_mode_bss(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u16 channel);
void ath6kl_connect_ap_mode_sta(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u16 aid, u8 *mac_addr,
u8 keymgmt, u8 ucipher, u8 auth,
u8 assoc_req_len, u8 *assoc_info);
void ath6kl_disconnect_event(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 reason,
void ath6kl_disconnect_event(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u8 reason,
u8 *bssid, u8 assoc_resp_len,
u8 *assoc_info, u16 prot_reason_status);
void ath6kl_tkip_micerr_event(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 keyid, bool ismcast);
void ath6kl_tkip_micerr_event(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u8 keyid, bool ismcast);
void ath6kl_txpwr_rx_evt(void *devt, u8 tx_pwr);
void ath6kl_scan_complete_evt(struct ath6kl *ar, int status);
void ath6kl_tgt_stats_event(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 *ptr, u32 len);
void ath6kl_scan_complete_evt(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, int status);
void ath6kl_tgt_stats_event(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u8 *ptr, u32 len);
void ath6kl_indicate_tx_activity(void *devt, u8 traffic_class, bool active);
enum htc_endpoint_id ath6kl_ac2_endpoint_id(void *devt, u8 ac);
void ath6kl_pspoll_event(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 aid);
void ath6kl_pspoll_event(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u8 aid);
void ath6kl_dtimexpiry_event(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_disconnect(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_deep_sleep_enable(struct ath6kl *ar);
void aggr_recv_delba_req_evt(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 tid);
void aggr_recv_addba_req_evt(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 tid, u16 seq_no,
void ath6kl_dtimexpiry_event(struct ath6kl_vif *vif);
void ath6kl_disconnect(struct ath6kl_vif *vif);
void aggr_recv_delba_req_evt(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u8 tid);
void aggr_recv_addba_req_evt(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, u8 tid, u16 seq_no,
u8 win_sz);
void ath6kl_wakeup_event(void *dev);
void ath6kl_target_failure(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_reset_device(struct ath6kl *ar, u32 target_type,
bool wait_fot_compltn, bool cold_reset);
void ath6kl_init_control_info(struct ath6kl_vif *vif);
void ath6kl_deinit_if_data(struct ath6kl_vif *vif);
void ath6kl_core_free(struct ath6kl *ar);
struct ath6kl_vif *ath6kl_vif_first(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_cleanup_vif(struct ath6kl_vif *vif, bool wmi_ready);
int ath6kl_init_hw_start(struct ath6kl *ar);
int ath6kl_init_hw_stop(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_check_wow_status(struct ath6kl *ar);
#endif /* CORE_H */
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -17,19 +17,19 @@
#ifndef DEBUG_H
#define DEBUG_H
#include "htc_hif.h"
#include "hif.h"
ATH6KL_DBG_WLAN_CONNECT = BIT(0), /* wlan connect */
ATH6KL_DBG_WLAN_SCAN = BIT(1), /* wlan scan */
/* hole */
ATH6KL_DBG_WLAN_TX = BIT(2), /* wlan tx */
ATH6KL_DBG_WLAN_RX = BIT(3), /* wlan rx */
ATH6KL_DBG_BMI = BIT(4), /* bmi tracing */
ATH6KL_DBG_HTC_SEND = BIT(5), /* htc send */
ATH6KL_DBG_HTC_RECV = BIT(6), /* htc recv */
ATH6KL_DBG_IRQ = BIT(7), /* interrupt processing */
ATH6KL_DBG_PM = BIT(8), /* power management */
ATH6KL_DBG_WLAN_NODE = BIT(9), /* general wlan node tracing */
/* hole */
/* hole */
ATH6KL_DBG_WMI = BIT(10), /* wmi tracing */
ATH6KL_DBG_TRC = BIT(11), /* generic func tracing */
ATH6KL_DBG_SCATTER = BIT(12), /* hif scatter tracing */
......@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ enum ATH6K_DEBUG_MASK {
ATH6KL_DBG_BOOT = BIT(18), /* driver init and fw boot */
ATH6KL_DBG_ANY = 0xffffffff /* enable all logs */
......@@ -90,6 +91,10 @@ void ath6kl_dump_registers(struct ath6kl_device *dev,
void dump_cred_dist_stats(struct htc_target *target);
void ath6kl_debug_fwlog_event(struct ath6kl *ar, const void *buf, size_t len);
void ath6kl_debug_war(struct ath6kl *ar, enum ath6kl_war war);
int ath6kl_debug_roam_tbl_event(struct ath6kl *ar, const void *buf,
size_t len);
void ath6kl_debug_set_keepalive(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 keepalive);
void ath6kl_debug_set_disconnect_timeout(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 timeout);
int ath6kl_debug_init(struct ath6kl *ar);
void ath6kl_debug_cleanup(struct ath6kl *ar);
......@@ -125,6 +130,21 @@ static inline void ath6kl_debug_war(struct ath6kl *ar, enum ath6kl_war war)
static inline int ath6kl_debug_roam_tbl_event(struct ath6kl *ar,
const void *buf, size_t len)
return 0;
static inline void ath6kl_debug_set_keepalive(struct ath6kl *ar, u8 keepalive)
static inline void ath6kl_debug_set_disconnect_timeout(struct ath6kl *ar,
u8 timeout)
static inline int ath6kl_debug_init(struct ath6kl *ar)
return 0;
......@@ -18,10 +18,16 @@
#define HIF_OPS_H
#include "hif.h"
#include "debug.h"
static inline int hif_read_write_sync(struct ath6kl *ar, u32 addr, u8 *buf,
u32 len, u32 request)
"hif %s sync addr 0x%x buf 0x%p len %d request 0x%x\n",
(request & HIF_WRITE) ? "write" : "read",
addr, buf, len, request);
return ar->hif_ops->read_write_sync(ar, addr, buf, len, request);
......@@ -29,16 +35,24 @@ static inline int hif_write_async(struct ath6kl *ar, u32 address, u8 *buffer,
u32 length, u32 request,
struct htc_packet *packet)
"hif write async addr 0x%x buf 0x%p len %d request 0x%x\n",
address, buffer, length, request);
return ar->hif_ops->write_async(ar, address, buffer, length,
request, packet);
static inline void ath6kl_hif_irq_enable(struct ath6kl *ar)
ath6kl_dbg(ATH6KL_DBG_HIF, "hif irq enable\n");
return ar->hif_ops->irq_enable(ar);
static inline void ath6kl_hif_irq_disable(struct ath6kl *ar)
ath6kl_dbg(ATH6KL_DBG_HIF, "hif irq disable\n");
return ar->hif_ops->irq_disable(ar);
......@@ -69,9 +83,40 @@ static inline void ath6kl_hif_cleanup_scatter(struct ath6kl *ar)
return ar->hif_ops->cleanup_scatter(ar);
static inline int ath6kl_hif_suspend(struct ath6kl *ar)
static inline int ath6kl_hif_suspend(struct ath6kl *ar,
struct cfg80211_wowlan *wow)
return ar->hif_ops->suspend(ar);
ath6kl_dbg(ATH6KL_DBG_HIF, "hif suspend\n");
return ar->hif_ops->suspend(ar, wow);
static inline int ath6kl_hif_resume(struct ath6kl *ar)
ath6kl_dbg(ATH6KL_DBG_HIF, "hif resume\n");
return ar->hif_ops->resume(ar);
static inline int ath6kl_hif_power_on(struct ath6kl *ar)
ath6kl_dbg(ATH6KL_DBG_HIF, "hif power on\n");
return ar->hif_ops->power_on(ar);
static inline int ath6kl_hif_power_off(struct ath6kl *ar)
ath6kl_dbg(ATH6KL_DBG_HIF, "hif power off\n");
return ar->hif_ops->power_off(ar);
static inline void ath6kl_hif_stop(struct ath6kl *ar)
ath6kl_dbg(ATH6KL_DBG_HIF, "hif stop\n");