Commit 9b437bca authored by John David Anglin's avatar John David Anglin Committed by Kyle McMartin
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parisc: Remove unnecessary macros from entry.S

The EXTR, DEP and DEPI macros are unnecessary.  There are PA 1.X
pneumonics available with the same functionality, and the DEP and DEPI
macros conflict with assembler pneumonics.

Tested on a variety of 32 and 64-bit systems.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn David Anglin <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKyle McMartin <>
parent f4c0346c
......@@ -364,32 +364,6 @@
.align 32
/* The following are simple 32 vs 64 bit instruction
* abstractions for the macros */
.macro EXTR reg1,start,length,reg2
#ifdef CONFIG_64BIT
extrd,u \reg1,32+(\start),\length,\reg2
extrw,u \reg1,\start,\length,\reg2
.macro DEP reg1,start,length,reg2
#ifdef CONFIG_64BIT
depd \reg1,32+(\start),\length,\reg2
depw \reg1,\start,\length,\reg2
.macro DEPI val,start,length,reg
#ifdef CONFIG_64BIT
depdi \val,32+(\start),\length,\reg
depwi \val,\start,\length,\reg
/* In LP64, the space contains part of the upper 32 bits of the
* fault. We have to extract this and place it in the va,
* zeroing the corresponding bits in the space register */
......@@ -442,19 +416,19 @@
.macro L2_ptep pmd,pte,index,va,fault
#if PT_NLEVELS == 3
extru \va,31-ASM_PMD_SHIFT,ASM_BITS_PER_PMD,\index
extru \va,31-ASM_PGDIR_SHIFT,ASM_BITS_PER_PGD,\index
DEP %r0,31,PAGE_SHIFT,\pmd /* clear offset */
dep %r0,31,PAGE_SHIFT,\pmd /* clear offset */
copy %r0,\pte
ldw,s \index(\pmd),\pmd
bb,>=,n \pmd,_PxD_PRESENT_BIT,\fault
DEP %r0,31,PxD_FLAG_SHIFT,\pmd /* clear flags */
dep %r0,31,PxD_FLAG_SHIFT,\pmd /* clear flags */
copy \pmd,%r9
DEP %r0,31,PAGE_SHIFT,\pmd /* clear offset */
extru \va,31-PAGE_SHIFT,ASM_BITS_PER_PTE,\index
dep %r0,31,PAGE_SHIFT,\pmd /* clear offset */
shladd \index,BITS_PER_PTE_ENTRY,\pmd,\pmd
LDREG %r0(\pmd),\pte /* pmd is now pte */
bb,>=,n \pte,_PAGE_PRESENT_BIT,\fault
......@@ -605,7 +579,7 @@
depdi 0,31,32,\tmp
copy \va,\tmp1
DEPI 0,31,23,\tmp1
depi 0,31,23,\tmp1
cmpb,COND(<>),n \tmp,\tmp1,\fault
depd,z \prot,8,7,\prot
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