Commit 98bcf911 authored by H Hartley Sweeten's avatar H Hartley Sweeten Committed by Greg Kroah-Hartman
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staging: comedi: adl_pci6208: return '0' for successful attach

The comedi core expects a < 0 value during the attach to indicate
an error. The normal 'success' return for the kernel is '0' so use
that here.
Signed-off-by: default avatarH Hartley Sweeten <>
Cc: Ian Abbott <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGreg Kroah-Hartman <>
parent 111b62e4
......@@ -275,7 +275,7 @@ static int pci6208_attach(struct comedi_device *dev,
dev_info(dev->class_dev, "%s: %s, I/O base=0x%04lx\n",
dev->driver->driver_name, dev->board_name, dev->iobase);
return 1;
return 0;
static void pci6208_detach(struct comedi_device *dev)
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