Commit 98b0f80c authored by Trond Myklebust's avatar Trond Myklebust

NFSv4.x: Fix a refcount leak in nfs_callback_up_net

On error, the callers expect us to return without bumping
Signed-off-by: default avatarTrond Myklebust <>
Cc: # v3.7+
parent 52442f9b
......@@ -275,6 +275,7 @@ static int nfs_callback_up_net(int minorversion, struct svc_serv *serv,
svc_rpcb_cleanup(serv, net);
dprintk("NFS: Couldn't create callback socket: err = %d; "
"net = %p\n", ret, net);
return ret;
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