Commit 9890e330 authored by Andrzej Pietrasiewicz's avatar Andrzej Pietrasiewicz Committed by Felipe Balbi
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usb: gadget: f_sourcesink.c: correct a copy-paste misnomer

acm was the first function to be converted and it seems that its
code served as a base for converting f_sourcesink to the new function
interface. source_sink has nothing to do with acm, though.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrzej Pietrasiewicz <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKyungmin Park <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarFelipe Balbi <>
parent 8d6f51bd
......@@ -898,7 +898,7 @@ static struct usb_function *source_sink_alloc_func(
return &ss->function;
static void acm_free_instance(struct usb_function_instance *fi)
static void source_sink_free_instance(struct usb_function_instance *fi)
struct f_ss_opts *ss_opts;
......@@ -913,7 +913,7 @@ static struct usb_function_instance *source_sink_alloc_inst(void)
ss_opts = kzalloc(sizeof(*ss_opts), GFP_KERNEL);
if (!ss_opts)
return ERR_PTR(-ENOMEM);
ss_opts->func_inst.free_func_inst = acm_free_instance;
ss_opts->func_inst.free_func_inst = source_sink_free_instance;
return &ss_opts->func_inst;
DECLARE_USB_FUNCTION(SourceSink, source_sink_alloc_inst,
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