Commit 92295d80 authored by Mark Fasheh's avatar Mark Fasheh
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ocfs2: Don't panic when truncating an empty extent

This BUG_ON() was unintentionally left in after the sparse file support was

Signed-off-by: default avatarMark Fasheh <>
parent a86370fb
......@@ -6093,8 +6093,6 @@ start:
mlog(0, "clusters_to_del = %u in this pass, tail blk=%llu\n",
clusters_to_del, (unsigned long long)path_leaf_bh(path)->b_blocknr);
BUG_ON(clusters_to_del == 0);
tl_sem = 1;
/* ocfs2_truncate_log_needs_flush guarantees us at least one
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