Commit 90ff8700 authored by Komuro's avatar Komuro Committed by Dominik Brodowski
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[PATCH] pcmcia: fix comment for pcmcia_load_firmware

The comment of "pcmcia_load_firmware" is wrong: the
firmware(*.cis) files reside in /lib/firmware/ _not_
/lib/firmware/cis/ .

Signed-off-by: default avatar <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDominik Brodowski <>
parent 6171b88b
......@@ -236,11 +236,11 @@ static void pcmcia_check_driver(struct pcmcia_driver *p_drv)
* pcmcia_load_firmware - load CIS from userspace if device-provided is broken
* @dev - the pcmcia device which needs a CIS override
* @filename - requested filename in /lib/firmware/cis/
* @filename - requested filename in /lib/firmware/
* This uses the in-kernel firmware loading mechanism to use a "fake CIS" if
* the one provided by the card is broken. The firmware files reside in
* /lib/firmware/cis/ in userspace.
* /lib/firmware/ in userspace.
static int pcmcia_load_firmware(struct pcmcia_device *dev, char * filename)
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