Commit 8c8ef42a authored by Rusty Russell's avatar Rusty Russell

module: include other structures in module version check

With CONFIG_MODVERSIONS, we version 'struct module' using a dummy
export, but other things matter too:

1) 'struct modversion_info' determines the layout of the __versions section,
2) 'struct kernel_param' determines the layout of the __params section,
3) 'struct kernel_symbol' determines __ksymtab*.
4) 'struct marker' determines __markers.
5) 'struct tracepoint' determines __tracepoints.

So we rename 'struct_module' to 'module_layout' and include these in
the signature.  Now it's general we can add others later on without
Signed-off-by: default avatarRusty Russell <>
parent 9cb610d8
......@@ -1052,9 +1052,9 @@ static inline int check_modstruct_version(Elf_Shdr *sechdrs,
const unsigned long *crc;
if (!find_symbol("struct_module", NULL, &crc, true, false))
if (!find_symbol("module_layout", NULL, &crc, true, false))
return check_version(sechdrs, versindex, "struct_module", mod, crc);
return check_version(sechdrs, versindex, "module_layout", mod, crc);
/* First part is kernel version, which we ignore if module has crcs. */
......@@ -2858,9 +2858,17 @@ void print_modules(void)
/* Generate the signature for struct module here, too, for modversions. */
void struct_module(struct module *mod) { return; }
/* Generate the signature for all relevant module structures here.
* If these change, we don't want to try to parse the module. */
void module_layout(struct module *mod,
struct modversion_info *ver,
struct kernel_param *kp,
struct kernel_symbol *ks,
struct marker *marker,
struct tracepoint *tp)
......@@ -1607,12 +1607,12 @@ static void read_symbols(char *modname)
/* Our trick to get versioning for struct_module - it's
/* Our trick to get versioning for module struct etc. - it's
* never passed as an argument to an exported function, so
* the automatic versioning doesn't pick it up, but it's really
* important anyhow */
if (modversions)
mod->unres = alloc_symbol("struct_module", 0, mod->unres);
mod->unres = alloc_symbol("module_layout", 0, mod->unres);
#define SZ 500
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