Commit 88d987d6 authored by Wolfgang Mües's avatar Wolfgang Mües Committed by Greg Kroah-Hartman
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usb: auerswald: remove driver (obsolete)

This patch removes the auerswald USB driver from the linux kernel

This driver was included into the kernel mainly to connect to the ISDN
framework. This was done in linux 2.4.x. For 2.6.x, due to the fragile
and moving ISDN support, this connection was never realized, and the
only use of this driver was for device configuration. In the age of DSL,
the demand of ISDN support is getting very low.

Meanwhile, with the advent of libusb, an userspace driver was done for
the device configuration which works fine for linux and mac. (Thanks to
the libusb developers!). The userspace driver is downloadable from the
auerswald web site.

So this driver is obsolete now and has to be removed. Many thanks to all
developers which helped me to bring this driver up and working.
Signed-off-by: default avatarWolfgang Muees <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGreg Kroah-Hartman <>
parent 8d0968ab
......@@ -2560,9 +2560,6 @@ Your cooperation is appreciated.
96 = /dev/usb/hiddev0 1st USB HID device
111 = /dev/usb/hiddev15 16th USB HID device
112 = /dev/usb/auer0 1st auerswald ISDN device
127 = /dev/usb/auer15 16th auerswald ISDN device
128 = /dev/usb/brlvgr0 First Braille Voyager device
131 = /dev/usb/brlvgr3 Fourth Braille Voyager device
......@@ -105,7 +105,6 @@ Code Seq# Include File Comments
'T' all linux/soundcard.h conflict!
'T' all asm-i386/ioctls.h conflict!
'U' 00-EF linux/drivers/usb/usb.h
'U' F0-FF drivers/usb/auerswald.c
'V' all linux/vt.h
'W' 00-1F linux/watchdog.h conflict!
'W' 00-1F linux/wanrouter.h conflict!
Auerswald USB kernel driver
What is it? What can I do with it?
The auerswald USB kernel driver connects your linux 2.4.x
system to the auerswald usb-enabled devices.
There are two types of auerswald usb devices:
a) small PBX systems (ISDN)
b) COMfort system telephones (ISDN)
The driver installation creates the devices
/dev/usb/auer0..15. These devices carry a vendor-
specific protocol. You may run all auerswald java
software on it. The java software needs a native
library "" installed on
your system. This library is available from
auerswald and shipped as part of the java software.
You may create the devices with:
mknod -m 666 /dev/usb/auer0 c 180 112
mknod -m 666 /dev/usb/auer15 c 180 127
Future plans
- Connection to ISDN4LINUX (the hisax interface)
The maintainer of this driver is
......@@ -4195,12 +4195,6 @@ M:
S: Maintained
P: Wolfgang Muees
S: Maintained
P: Pete Zaitcev
......@@ -42,16 +42,6 @@ config USB_ADUTUX
To compile this driver as a module, choose M here. The module
will be called adutux.
tristate "USB Auerswald ISDN support"
depends on USB
Say Y here if you want to connect an Auerswald USB ISDN Device
to your computer's USB port.
To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
module will be called auerswald.
config USB_RIO500
tristate "USB Diamond Rio500 support"
depends on USB
......@@ -5,7 +5,6 @@
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_ADUTUX) += adutux.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_APPLEDISPLAY) += appledisplay.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_AUERSWALD) += auerswald.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_BERRY_CHARGE) += berry_charge.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_CYPRESS_CY7C63)+= cypress_cy7c63.o
obj-$(CONFIG_USB_CYTHERM) += cytherm.o
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