Commit 87b016cb authored by Zhu Yi's avatar Zhu Yi Committed by James Ketrenos

Workaround kernel BUG_ON panic caused by unexpected duplicate packets.

Signed-off-by: default avatarZhu Yi <>
parent 4f36f808
......@@ -7696,7 +7696,6 @@ static inline int is_network_packet(struct ipw_priv *priv,
static inline int is_duplicate_packet(struct ipw_priv *priv,
struct ieee80211_hdr_4addr *header)
u16 fc = le16_to_cpu(header->frame_ctl);
u16 sc = le16_to_cpu(header->seq_ctl);
u16 seq = WLAN_GET_SEQ_SEQ(sc);
u16 frag = WLAN_GET_SEQ_FRAG(sc);
......@@ -7760,7 +7759,10 @@ static inline int is_duplicate_packet(struct ipw_priv *priv,
return 0;
BUG_ON(!(fc & IEEE80211_FCTL_RETRY));
/* Comment this line now since we observed the card receives
* duplicate packets but the FCTL_RETRY bit is not set in the
* IBSS mode with fragmentation enabled.
BUG_ON(!(le16_to_cpu(header->frame_ctl) & IEEE80211_FCTL_RETRY)); */
return 1;
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