Commit 87838506 authored by Charlie Jacobsen's avatar Charlie Jacobsen Committed by Vikram Narayanan
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lcd-create-v2: LCD destroy module lcd no longer needed.

This completes the isolated LCD creation logic, v2. Theoretically,
this is now designed (unlike v1) so that isolated LCDs can
create other isolated LCDs (once I get the liblcd updates in
parent a4ecc8ed
......@@ -413,3 +413,13 @@ fail2:
return ret;
void lcd_destroy_create_ctx(struct lcd_create_ctx *ctx)
/* EXPORTS -------------------------------------------------- */
......@@ -184,25 +184,21 @@ lcd_to_boot_cptr_cache(struct lcd_create_ctx *ctx)
return cxt->lcd_boot_info->cptr_cache;
* lcd_dump_boot_info -- Dump information in lcd_create_ctx into bootstrap
* @ctx: the lcd create context returned from lcd_create_module_lcd
* This will dump information the LCD needs in order to bootstrap itself -
* cptrs for capabilities in its cspace, the initial cptr cache, and so on.
* You should call this before running the LCD.
* lcd_destroy_create_ctx -- Tear down lcd_create_ctx returned from
* lcd_create_module_lcd
* @ctx: the ctx to destroy
* This *releases* all of the memory used to initialize the new LCD.
* It will not destroy the new LCD itself, and since the LCD was granted
* capabilities to the boot and stack pages, module pages, and so on,
* it will continue to have access to them. Only when you delete
* the lcd capability will this trigger the full tear down (so long
* as no one else was granted the lcd capability).
int lcd_dump_boot_info(struct lcd_create_ctx *ctx);
void lcd_destroy_create_ctx(struct lcd_create_ctx *ctx);
* lcd_destroy_module_lcd -- Tear down an LCD that had a kernel module loaded
* @lcd: cptr to the lcd capability (the LCD)
* @ctx: the lcd_create_ctx used during lcd create (returned from
* lcd_create_module_lcd)
* This will also free up the @ctx.
void lcd_destroy_module_lcd(cptr_t lcd, struct lcd_create_ctx *ctx);
/* What about lcd_destroy_module_lcd? Use lcd_cap_delete on the lcd
* capability. */
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