Commit 86d886af authored by Vikram Narayanan's avatar Vikram Narayanan
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foobar: Add foobar idl file

parent 55a73f32
module foobar() {
projection <struct foobar_device> foobar_device {
unsigned long [in,out] features
unsigned long [in,out] hw_features;
unsigned long [out] wanted_features;
unsigned int flags;
projection foobar_device_ops [alloc(callee)] *foobar_device_ops;
projection <struct foobar_device_ops> foobar_device_ops {
rpc [in] int (*init)(projection foobar_device *dev);
rpc [in] void (*uninit)(projection foobar_device *dev);
rpc int register_foobar(projection foobar_device *dev);
projection <struct foobar_device> foobar_device_unregister_foobar {
rpc void unregister_foobar(projection foobar_device_unregister_foobar *dev);
projection <struct foobar_device> foobar_device_alloc_foobardev {
int id;
char name[32];
rpc projection foobar_device_alloc_foobardev [alloc(caller)] *alloc_foobardev(int id, char *name);
projection <struct foobar_device> foobar_device_free_foobardev {
rpc void free_foobardev(projection foobar_device_free_foobardev [dealloc(caller)] *dev);
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