Commit 84f09f46 authored by Benny Halevy's avatar Benny Halevy Committed by J. Bruce Fields
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NFSD: provide encode routine for OP_OPENATTR

Although this operation is unsupported by our implementation
we still need to provide an encode routine for it to
merely encode its (error) status back in the compound reply.

Thanks for Bill Baker at for testing with the Sun
OpenSolaris' client, finding, and reporting this bug at
Connectathon 2009.

This bug was introduced in 2.6.27
Signed-off-by: default avatarBenny Halevy <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJ. Bruce Fields <>
parent ee568b25
......@@ -2596,6 +2596,7 @@ static nfsd4_enc nfsd4_enc_ops[] = {
[OP_LOOKUPP] = (nfsd4_enc)nfsd4_encode_noop,
[OP_NVERIFY] = (nfsd4_enc)nfsd4_encode_noop,
[OP_OPEN] = (nfsd4_enc)nfsd4_encode_open,
[OP_OPENATTR] = (nfsd4_enc)nfsd4_encode_noop,
[OP_OPEN_CONFIRM] = (nfsd4_enc)nfsd4_encode_open_confirm,
[OP_OPEN_DOWNGRADE] = (nfsd4_enc)nfsd4_encode_open_downgrade,
[OP_PUTFH] = (nfsd4_enc)nfsd4_encode_noop,
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