Commit 841b351c authored by John Linville's avatar John Linville Committed by Johannes Berg

wireless: remove superfluous if statement in regulatory code

Commit eeca9fce ('cfg80211: Schedule timeout for all CRDA calls')
left behind a superfluous check after it removed some earlier code.

In reg_process_hint, the test of "treatment == REG_REQ_IGNORE ||
treatment == REG_REQ_ALREADY_SET" is superfluous because the code in the
if-then branch is identical to the code after the if statement.

Coverity CID #1295939

I also removed the unnecessary assignment of treatment in this case,
and added a comment reminding any future patch authors to ensure that
treatment is properly assigned before it is used after the switch.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohn W. Linville <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohannes Berg <>
parent 33d8783c
......@@ -2079,10 +2079,7 @@ static void reg_process_hint(struct regulatory_request *reg_request)
treatment = reg_process_hint_user(reg_request);
if (treatment == REG_REQ_IGNORE ||
treatment == REG_REQ_ALREADY_SET)
if (!wiphy)
......@@ -2099,7 +2096,9 @@ static void reg_process_hint(struct regulatory_request *reg_request)
goto out_free;
/* This is required so that the orig_* parameters are saved */
/* This is required so that the orig_* parameters are saved.
* NOTE: treatment must be set for any case that reaches here!
if (treatment == REG_REQ_ALREADY_SET && wiphy &&
wiphy->regulatory_flags & REGULATORY_STRICT_REG) {
wiphy_update_regulatory(wiphy, reg_request->initiator);
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