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[PATCH] N32 sigset and __COMPAT_ENDIAN_SWAP__

I'm testing glibc on MIPS64, little-endian, N32, O32 and N64 multilibs.

Among the NPTL test failures seen are some arising from sigsuspend problems
for N32: it blocks the wrong signals, so SIGCANCEL (SIGRTMIN) is blocked
despite glibc's carefully excluding it from sets of signals to block.
Specifically, testing suggests it blocks signal N^32 instead of signal N,
so (in the example tested) blocking SIGUSR1 (17) blocks signal 49 instead.

glibc's sigset_t uses an array of unsigned long, as does the kernel.
In both cases, signal N+1 is represented as
(1UL << (N % (8 * sizeof (unsigned long)))) in word number
(N / (8 * sizeof (unsigned long))).

Thus the N32 glibc uses an array of 32-bit words and the N64 kernel uses an
array of 64-bit words.  For little-endian, the layout is the same, with
signals 1-32 in the first 4 bytes, signals 33-64 in the second, etc.; for
big-endian, userspace has that layout while in the kernel each 8 bytes have
the two halves swapped from the userspace layout.

The N32 sigsuspend syscall uses sigset_from_compat to convert the userspace
sigset to kernel format.  If __COMPAT_ENDIAN_SWAP__ is *not* set, this uses
logic of the form

  set->sig[0] = compat->sig[0] | (((long)compat->sig[1]) << 32 )

to convert the userspace sigset to a kernel one.  This looks correct to me
for both big and little endian, given that in userspace compat->sig[1] will
represent signals 33-64, and so will the high 32 bits of set->sig[0] in the
kernel.  If however __COMPAT_ENDIAN_SWAP__ *is* set, as it is for
__MIPSEL__, it uses

  set->sig[0] = compat->sig[1] | (((long)compat->sig[0]) << 32 );

which seems incorrect for both big and little endian, and would
explain the observed symptoms.

This code is the only use of __COMPAT_ENDIAN_SWAP__, so if incorrect
then that macro serves no purpose, in which case something like the
following patch would seem appropriate to remove it.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJoseph Myers <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarRalf Baechle <>
Cc: Arnd Bergmann <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Morton <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent 92eeccd8
......@@ -145,8 +145,5 @@ static inline void __user *compat_alloc_user_space(long len)
return (void __user *) (regs->regs[29] - len);
#if defined (__MIPSEL__)
#define __COMPAT_ENDIAN_SWAP__ 1
#endif /* _ASM_COMPAT_H */
......@@ -730,17 +730,10 @@ void
sigset_from_compat (sigset_t *set, compat_sigset_t *compat)
switch (_NSIG_WORDS) {
#if defined (__COMPAT_ENDIAN_SWAP__)
case 4: set->sig[3] = compat->sig[7] | (((long)compat->sig[6]) << 32 );
case 3: set->sig[2] = compat->sig[5] | (((long)compat->sig[4]) << 32 );
case 2: set->sig[1] = compat->sig[3] | (((long)compat->sig[2]) << 32 );
case 1: set->sig[0] = compat->sig[1] | (((long)compat->sig[0]) << 32 );
case 4: set->sig[3] = compat->sig[6] | (((long)compat->sig[7]) << 32 );
case 3: set->sig[2] = compat->sig[4] | (((long)compat->sig[5]) << 32 );
case 2: set->sig[1] = compat->sig[2] | (((long)compat->sig[3]) << 32 );
case 1: set->sig[0] = compat->sig[0] | (((long)compat->sig[1]) << 32 );
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