Commit 831a444e authored by Hans de Goede's avatar Hans de Goede Committed by Matthew Garrett
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asus-nb-wmi: Add wapf4 quirk for the U32U

As reported here:

the U32U needs wapf=4 too.

Signed-off-by: default avatarHans de Goede <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMatthew Garrett <>
parent fee4efd7
......@@ -85,6 +85,20 @@ static int dmi_matched(const struct dmi_system_id *dmi)
static const struct dmi_system_id asus_quirks[] = {
.callback = dmi_matched,
.ident = "ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. U32U",
.matches = {
* Note this machine has a Brazos APU, and most Brazos Asus
* machines need quirk_asus_x55u / wmi_backlight_power but
* here acpi-video seems to work fine for backlight control.
.driver_data = &quirk_asus_wapf4,
.callback = dmi_matched,
.ident = "ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. X401U",
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