Commit 80ec7ce7 authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds
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Merge branch 'parisc-3.17-8' of git://

Pull parisc fix from Helge Deller:
 "One late but trivial patch to fix the serial console on parisc
  machines which got broken during the 3.17 release cycle"

* 'parisc-3.17-8' of git://
  parisc: Fix serial console for machines with serial port on superio chip
parents f9220c23 3edfe003
......@@ -395,7 +395,8 @@ static void __init superio_serial_init(void)
serial_port.iotype = UPIO_PORT;
serial_port.type = PORT_16550A;
serial_port.uartclk = 115200*16;
serial_port.fifosize = 16;
serial_port.flags = UPF_FIXED_PORT | UPF_FIXED_TYPE |
/* serial port #1 */
serial_port.iobase = sio_dev.sp1_base;
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