Commit 7ed9af71 authored by Wey-Yi Guy's avatar Wey-Yi Guy
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iwlagn: comments for iwl_cfg

Modify the comments for iwl_cfg, no functional changes

Signed-off-by: default avatarWey-Yi Guy <>
parent e4305fe9
......@@ -189,11 +189,22 @@ struct iwl_ht_params {
* struct iwl_cfg
* @name: Offical name of the device
* @fw_name_pre: Firmware filename prefix. The api version and extension
* (.ucode) will be added to filename before loading from disk. The
* filename is constructed as fw_name_pre<api>.ucode.
* @ucode_api_max: Highest version of uCode API supported by driver.
* @ucode_api_min: Lowest version of uCode API supported by driver.
* @valid_tx_ant: valid transmit antenna
* @valid_rx_ant: valid receive antenna
* @sku: sku information from EEPROM
* @eeprom_ver: EEPROM version
* @eeprom_calib_ver: EEPROM calibration version
* @lib: pointer to the lib ops
* @additional_nic_config: additional nic configuration
* @base_params: pointer to basic parameters
* @ht_params: point to ht patameters
* @bt_params: pointer to bt parameters
* @pa_type: used by 6000 series only to identify the type of Power Amplifier
* @need_dc_calib: need to perform init dc calibration
* @need_temp_offset_calib: need to perform temperature offset calibration
......@@ -220,11 +231,7 @@ struct iwl_ht_params {
* }
* The ideal usage of this infrastructure is to treat a new ucode API
* release as a new hardware revision. That is, through utilizing the
* iwl_hcmd_utils_ops etc. we accommodate different command structures
* and flows between hardware versions (4965/5000) as well as their API
* versions.
* release as a new hardware revision.
struct iwl_cfg {
/* params specific to an individual device within a device family */
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