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Commit 79c1e2fc authored by Eric Anholt's avatar Eric Anholt Committed by Michael Turquette

clk: bcm2835: Reuse CLK_DIVIDER_MAX_AT_ZERO for recalc_rate()

We were rolling this ourselves, but clk-divider can do it now.
Signed-off-by: default avatarEric Anholt <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Turquette <>
parent 773b3966
......@@ -1060,16 +1060,7 @@ static long bcm2835_pll_divider_round_rate(struct clk_hw *hw,
static unsigned long bcm2835_pll_divider_get_rate(struct clk_hw *hw,
unsigned long parent_rate)
struct bcm2835_pll_divider *divider = bcm2835_pll_divider_from_hw(hw);
struct bcm2835_cprman *cprman = divider->cprman;
const struct bcm2835_pll_divider_data *data = divider->data;
u32 div = cprman_read(cprman, data->a2w_reg);
div &= (1 << A2W_PLL_DIV_BITS) - 1;
if (div == 0)
div = 256;
return parent_rate / div;
return clk_divider_ops.recalc_rate(hw, parent_rate);
static void bcm2835_pll_divider_off(struct clk_hw *hw)
......@@ -1430,7 +1421,7 @@ bcm2835_register_pll_divider(struct bcm2835_cprman *cprman,
divider->div.reg = cprman->regs + data->a2w_reg;
divider->div.shift = A2W_PLL_DIV_SHIFT;
divider->div.width = A2W_PLL_DIV_BITS;
divider->div.flags = 0;
divider->div.flags = CLK_DIVIDER_MAX_AT_ZERO;
divider->div.lock = &cprman->regs_lock;
divider->div.hw.init = &init;
divider->div.table = NULL;
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